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Public Lecture by Assoc. Prof. Hristo Tutunarov - Private Military Companies, Transformation and Privatization of War

At the University of Library Science and Information Technology (ULSIT) on April 17, 2024, a public lecture on the topic of Private Military Companies, Transformation, and Privatization of War was presented by Assoc. Prof. Hristo Tutunarov.

The lecture aims to introduce the audience to the present transformation of war and the privatization of war by private entities through a smooth transition from ancient mercenaries to modern private military companies (PMC) and contractors. The PMCs are present in almost all conflicts around the world today. They are part of the transformation of war which includes proxy wars, grey zones, hybrid wars, COIN ops, and the so-called deep state. The lecture reveals the law status of PMC the government environment, contracting, financing models, organization structure, numbers of personnel and companies, and their operational capabilities. Distinguish was made by the national armies and PMCs and why they exist parallelly. Including the risks around the existence of PMC. Also was explained are there Bulgarians in such structures (and why) and some examples of PMC’s training centers in Bulgaria were provided.

The lecture provoked great interest among teachers and students, as well as the discussion. At the end of the event, Prof. Irena Peteva, Prof. Stoyan Denchev, and Prof. Teresa Trencheva officially handed over a diploma for the academic position of associate professor to Dr. Hristo Tutunarov.

Dr. Hristo Tutunarov was born in Sofia. He graduated from the First English High School, then studied at the University of Library Science and Information Technology and the "Georgi S. Rakovski" Military Academy. His research interests are in the fields of security and history and their intersections. He attends various courses and master classes on national security, color revolutions, intelligence, sustainable development, strategic leadership, countering corruption, etc., both in Bulgaria and abroad.

In 2014, he defended his doctoral dissertation on organization and management. In 2015, he published his first book "Ethnic Communities and National Security in Bulgaria". He is the author of a total of four books, all of which occupy a worthy place in Bulgarian science. His book served as the basis for the preparation of a specialized manual of the Institute of Psychology of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the work of Ministry employees in a different ethno-religious environment, and his book "Private Armies. The Evolution of War" won the annual award of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists.

He lectures at the University of Library Science and Information Technology. In 2017, he gave lectures on "Fundamentals of Terrorism" as a guest lecturer at the "Security" faculty of the Police Academy in Ankara, R. Turkey, and was also a guest lecturer at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". In 2020, he participated, as an external expert, in the preparation of the Security Strategy of the city of Sofia. He has more than 50 scientific publications and is a participant in many national and international forums. Participated as an expert and scientific consultant in several documentary productions.


In the conference hall of Order of Malta – Prof. Stoyan Denchev D.Sc. (mathematician, diplomat and long- ime Rector or ULSIT) Hristo Tutunarov and  the ambassador of Bulgaria in Italy – Bogdan Patashev

With Kiril Dimov – commander of Bulgarian SWAT force (Specialized force for counterterrorism)

With the senior shooting instructor of Ankara’s Police Academy

With Dimitar Drumchev – owner of private Bulgarian center for training for private military contractors and security tasks  and Todor Stankov – Ex military special forces and veteran from Iraq

Graduation day for specialized military course for high rank military and security officers. In the photo is also the head of the Bulgarian military intelligence

The audience at the premiere of Hristo Tutunarov's book. In the first row - the specialist in international terrorism Colonel Slavcho Velkov, and behind him - Colonel Chavdar Petrov - deputy head of the Bulgarian counterintelligence in the period 1995-1997

In Sultanate of Oman with government official

  Switzerland - United Nations office Geneva


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