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Digitization, Digital Restoration, and Presentation of Old Photographs


Photographic collections are part of the cultural heritage and require special attention and care. Photographs do not recognize temporal, linguistic, or physical boundaries regardless of their area. Their subject matter provides information that impacts aesthetics, history, or pure science, making them a mirror of technological progress and a proven part of the world’s cultural heritage. Globalization and multicultural society require fast access to information and communications. The risk of destruction under the influence of time involves the creation of digitized resources with rare photographs. Digitized images are quickly and easily disseminated online through modern technologies.

Digital Restoration Lab is a project aimed at systematizing, integrating, and disseminating modern practices for restoration, digitization, digital restoration, and exposure of antique photographs. The most valuable priority of the project is the inclusion of photographic collections in the European Digital Information Fund. Almost all institutions (photo studios, libraries, archives, photo archives, museums, galleries, scientific institutions) need to facilitate access to their collections while simultaneously protecting the originals stored in a controlled access regime, which would reduce the risk of damage, fragility, pollution, fading of images, etc. Many institutions do not have experts specialized in the preservation of old photographs.

To achieve success in the preservation of photographic collections, specialists must be familiar with the characteristics of different photographic processes, which will allow the organization of the most favorable conditions for storage and use of every type of photography.

Main objectives


The main task of the project is to create accessible materials and conditions for digitization, data maintenance for the service of amateur and professional photographers, managers of small photo studios, photo archives, students and teachers in the field of photography, librarians and archivists from small libraries, archives, reading rooms, museums, monasteries, teachers engaged in the field of lifelong learning, and others who wish to support smaller institutions in the application of new techniques for digitization and restoration of rare photographs, which can attractively reach the wider public.

Target groups


  • Photographers, archivists, heads of small photo studios, and photo archives, and students and teachers in the field of photography

  • Librarians and archivists from small libraries, archives, community centers, museums, and monasteries

  • Managing staff of small libraries, archives, community centers, museums, and monasteries

  • VET teachers/trainers engaged in specific fields of study of photography.

  • Archivists and managers in larger libraries, archives, community centers, museums, and monasteries, wish to support smaller institutions in the implementation of digital digitization and to reach the public appealingly.


Creating a film for the process of digital photo restoration and conservation.

Developing a manual for the digitizing process/ Training Modules

Setting up an Open Flexible Learning system. for the Training Modules

Six training seminars.

International conference with 50 participants.

Creation of an interactive exhibition (3d mapping, photogrammetry, LIDAR (Light Identification Detection and Ranging, VR, etc.), as a demonstration of methods for exposing digital images.


Project partnership


National High School of Polygraphy and Photography,

Student Computer Art Society, Bulgaria.

Bartin University, Turkey,

The Center for Vocational Training at the University of Library Science and Information Technologies, Bulgaria,

Riga State Technical School, Latvia,

Biblioteca Judeteana „George Baritiu“ Brasov, Romania

The project is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training (KA202) 2022-1-BG01-KA220-VET-000088439

Movie of the project:



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