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Warm Welcome for Algerian USMA Team in Morocco Ahead of African Confederation Cup Semi-Final Clash

The Algerian football team (USMA), on Friday, April 26, 2024, embarked on a journey to the Kingdom of Morocco for the second leg of the African Confederation Cup semi-final against Renaissance Sportive de Berkane. They were warmly welcomed at Oujda Angad Airport with a bouquet, dates, and milk, symbolizing Moroccan hospitality.

During their stay in Morocco, the host country placed neighborly relations and hospitality above political sensitivities. The Algerian team delegation will lodge at the prestigious 5-star “Be Live Collection” hotel in Saïdia.

It’s worth noting that USMA lost the first leg match on a technicality (3-0) following unfortunate events experienced by Berkane upon their arrival at Algiers Airport. This included the confiscation of equipment and jerseys approved by the CAF due to the inclusion of Morocco’s integral Sahara on the map, as well as a series of intimidations and aggressions.

Despite hostile actions and aggressive intentions towards Morocco and Moroccans from the eastern neighbor, the Kingdom did not implement reciprocity measures in return.

In a statement to the Moroccan media outlet Chouf TV Sport, Kamel Hassina, the head of the USMA delegation, emphasized the warm reception they received in Morocco.

This gesture of hospitality amid the competitive spirit of sports serves as a reminder of the power of goodwill and sportsmanship transcending borders and differences. As the USMA team gears up for their crucial match, they carry with them not only the hopes of their supporters but also the warmth of Moroccan hospitality.


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