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ULSIT received the "Academic Project of the Year" award at InfoSec SEE 2024

The University of Library Science and Information Technology (ULSIT) received the "Academic Project of the Year" award at the largest International Conference on Cyber Security in Southeast Europe InfoSec SEE 2024.

The Cybersecurity In Action forum, which brought together eminent specialists in the field of cyber security from all over the world at the HYATT REGENCY Pravets Resort, awarded the UniBIT prize - because of the bachelor's and master's programs in computer science and in particular in information security, among which is the innovative master's program "Cyber Security and Digital Forensics".

"These are some of the most desired specialties of UniBIT in Bulgaria, in full-time and part-time study. Each year, an average of about 70 graduates successfully graduate from these specialties," said Prof. Stoyan Denchev D. Sc. in gratitude to the organizers for the recognition.

Prof. Stoyan Denchev, long-time rector, and now chairman of the Board of Trustees of the ULSIT. He received the award at an official InfoSec SEE 2024 ceremony in Pravets last night. He addressed the nearly 200 attendees at the InfoSec SEE 2024 gala dinner with a call for those of them who studied at ULSIT or feel part of ULSIT to stand up. More than 30 people - graduates and current students and doctoral students of UniBIT - responded.

The InfoSec SEE conference was opened by Mrs. Anelia Kostadinova - general manager of the prestigious company "COMPUTER 2000" and the main organizer of the event. Hana Kamenetski, commercial representative at the US Embassy in Bulgaria, gave an opening welcome to the world elite in cyber security.

InfoSec SEE 2024 brought together the cyber community and business, and for two days - on April 17 and 18, 2024 in Pravetz, experts from four continents talked about security, targets for cyber attacks, cyber espionage, breaches in information operations, fake online shops and services, scams, phishing, ransomware, fake news. They presented their experiences, shared knowledge, and imparted skills to defend against the growing threat of cyber attacks. During the event, cutting-edge strategies, innovative technologies, and best examples in the field of information security were shown, and successful solutions for information security and information management from the leading manufacturers in this field were demonstrated. Participants discussed the latest threats facing modern society and together charted security predictions for the years ahead, even trends in data privacy regulation. Because Infosec SEE is not only a platform for knowledge exchange, but also a catalyst for cooperation and innovation, Prof. Denchev summarized the impressions from the conference.




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