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UlsIT - Opening of the Academic Year 23/24

On October 2, the new academic year of the University of Library Science and Information Technology was opened with an official ceremony. Prof. Stoyan Denchev, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Library Science and Information Technology open the event presenting the official guests and congratulatory letters. Prof. Denchev gave the floor to Prof. Irena Peteva, rector of the University.

Highlights of the speech of Prof. Peteva

“Today is a celebration for UlsIT again because we welcome fellow freshmen and successfully start the 23/24 school year!"

"Dear new fellows,
I welcome you in the academic society of UlsIT, a university with tradition and prestige! I deeply believe that in addition to the academic success you will achieve, you will build many new friendships and experience unforgettable moments! The future belongs to you, and it can be better if we strive not only for the goals, we have set for ourselves, but also for preserving the eternal ethical and moral human values!”
Prof. Irena Peteva

Gabriela Krastanova, student welcomed her new fellows:

Be purposeful, fearless, and studious! Be the challenge of today and the pride of tomorrow! Be worthy guardians of the traditions built over decades at our university! Now you are investing in your future, so spare no effort!

Then she turned to the academic bodies:

Dear teachers,
You are the eternal engine of our education! Keep being so dedicated and inspiring!

She finished her speech attracting the attention of the auditory to the slogan of the poster:

It`s prestigious to learn in Bulgaria! UlsIT is the bright example of that!

Professor Denchev paid special attention to the subjects related to informatics and computer science, noting that many of the classes are taught by teachers from practice. He highlighted the fruitful cooperation with IBM Bulgaria as an emblematic example. The floor was given to the representative of IBM Bulgaria Mr. Dimitar Bairev, who share with the students his personal professional story.

“Years ago, when I was young, I started my job in IBM. In my first meeting with my manager, I was asked from him: “What we are going to learn this year?”… I was in shock! I have finished the university obtaining master’s degree… I won this prestigious position in IBM… It took me a while to realize his message to me: The learning process never ends!”

"Never forget that your job in the university is not everything! Don`t stop to be curious to obtain the new knowledge! Try to open your horizons and perspectives! That will change your personal growth and enhance the intellectual level of our society!"

Highlights from the story of Prof. Denchev:

"I received an invitation from Steven Duggan, director of Microsoft Worldwide Education, to attend a meeting of the partners of this world-famous company in Seattle, and I gave the opportunity to our young colleagues Dr. Dobri Boyadzhiev and Dr. Kalin Dimitrov to represent UniBIT. Bill Gates opened the conference with 500 participants from around the world by challenging them to solve a software task. The first who almost immediately presented the solution to the task was Dobri Boyadzhiev. Our two colleagues were then invited to lunch with Bill Gates and Stephen Duggan as worthy representatives of UlsIT."

"And when we are talking about dignity, I have the honor to give the floor to one dignity person who is Doctor Honoris Causa and Distinguished professor in our university – Vejdi Rashidov."

When I say so many beautiful children / because on my perspective you are the children/ I remember a beautiful story. I was the same age as yours when I arrived in Sofia with a small bag, shorts, and some snacks to apply to Art gymnasium. I was using a railway station like a hotel because I hadn’t a money. More importantly, I was accepted. Then I finished the gymnasium, after that I finished the Academy of Art. Since my childhood I was dreaming to be a celebrate artist, that was the only thing that I wanted. So, I became a visible artist.

I passed through the different living situations, I lost some time in the politics, and finally I back to my dream – to be an artist.

My legacy to all of you:

"You must dream for your live and follow the paths of your dreams! This is the best way! The only meaningful way to become a good and worthy parent, citizen and to keep this dignity through your whole live. But don’t rush! Follow your way to the place that you will feel more comfortable as a personality with own social contribution!"

The deputy rector of the Mediterranean University in Tirana Prof. Navila Rama in a phone call expressed her admiration to Mrs. Yanka Takeva who attended to the event of the „Albanian Teachers' Union,” pointed prof. Denchev.

“She is a great personality not only for Bulgaria and the Balkans, but for whole Europe!”
Prof. Navila Rama

Highlights of the speech of Mrs. Yanka Takeva

“The beginning starts in the Bulgarian schools and continues in the Bulgarian universities! The most important thing in our live is the ability to enhance your competences and skills in a combination with the faith. That faith which gives us the meaning of live!”

Her legacy to the students:

"Dear Students,
You choose the best university in Bulgaria! Now you have a great opportunity for professional achievements! Here you will receive not only professional knowledge, but you will growth as a real personality!"

Prof. Genka Petrova – Tashkova, Deputy Minister of Education presented the congratulation letter on behalf of the Minister of Education Prof. Galin Tzokov.

Highlights from the congratulation letter

“This beginning is the renaissance of the aspiration to learn more, to improve yourself. This is both an assessment and a promise that together we will preserve the good traditions of Bulgarian education! I want to extend my respect to the academic bodies who with his teaching activities, knowledge, and experience make this university the attracting educational institution for a lot of young persons from Bulgaria and abroad."

"To be a part of the student society is a guarantee for the successful professional growth, but also opportunity for self-discovery and self-evidence, for the implementation of ideas, and the opportunity to change the world!”
Prof. Galin Tzokov
“Dear students,
Respect your teachers and build on their knowledge and skills! The new knowledge and the new forms of informational communications soon will be your vocation and your profession!”
Prof. Genka Petrova – Tashkova

The unexpected surprise – the performance of Ivan Dinev - Ustata

As Prof. Denchev noted “a performer with a strong civic sense of responsibility towards the events that are happening in Bulgaria!”

“Today I am delighted to see so many free people who have chosen to learn, and knowledge is FREEDOM!

Thank you for your wish for knowledge so that you can preserve the great history of BULGARIA!”

It`s cool to study in Bulgaria! It`s cool to study in UlsIT!
Ivan Dinev – Ustata

Standing up, the students and the guests listened to the student anthem "Gaudeamus igitur".

The traditional gifts UMBRELLAS were presented to the students and guests of the event.

Georgi Mandev, collector, and researcher of the work of Hristo Botev and the Bulgarian revivalists presented the gift to prof. Denchev -lithographic portrait of Exarch Stephen I of Bulgaria with the original signature of the Exarch.

„The donation is leading in the actions of the Bulgarian people! Let the portrait watch over the students and make them more Bulgarians! Viva Bulgaria! “
Georgi Mandev

The new 2023/2024 academic year at the University of Library Science and Information Technology was officially started with a solemn water-light ceremony. The festive water service was presided over by His Reverence Father Lachezar.

Videos: Georgi D. Kostov, Media productions

Photos: Eng. Plamen Kolev, Hilife

Official guests at the event:

Mr. Ilin Dimitrov, Secretary of the President Rumen Radev for Tourism, Education and Culture

Mr. Dimitar Zdravkov, Advisor of the President Rumen Radev for Tourism, Education and Culture

Mrs. Yanka Takeva, Chairman of the Bulgarian Teachers' Union

His Reverence Priest Lachezar

Dr. Mustafa Hadja, Chief Mufti

H.E. Marieta Garcia Jordan, Ambassador of Cuba to Bulgaria

Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov, Rector of the University of National and International Economy

Mrs. Valeria Veleva, top Bulgarian journalist and owner of Epicenter, Institute for Research and Analysis

Mr. Aristir Dimo, Honorary Consul of Albania in Bulgaria

Prof. Maxim Zahariev, the Georgi Stoykov Rakovski Military Academy

Mr. Dimo Rusev, State agency for National Security

Mr. Rumen Georgiev, State agency for National Security

Prof. Genka Petrova – Tashkova, Former Minister of Education

Dr. Emilia Lazarova, Former Minister of Education

Prof. Krasimira Aleksandrova, Director of the National Library

Dr. Vanya Avramova, Deputy director of the National Library

Dr. Krasimir Simonski, Union of business initiative

Mr. Bojidar Stanchev, Chairman of the National Union of Labor Cooperatives

Mrs. Sonya Momchilova, Chairman of the Council of digital medias

Mr. Georgi Mandev, Chairman of Bulgarian – Israeli Scientific Institute

Mr. Viktor Stoyanov, Chairman of Bulgarian-Macedonian Foundation

Mr. Ivan Tenev, top Bulgarian journalist, artist, and producer

Dr. Slavcho Bliznakov, Еxecutive director of St. Anne's Hospital

Assos. Prof. Rosen Kalpachki, Head of the neurological clinic of St. Anne's Hospital

COR MEM Prof. Vejdi Rashidov, artist and politic

Mr. Jelyazko Jelyazkov, Manager J&J

Dr. Mustafa Haji, Chief Mufti

Mrs. Velina Topalova, Sales Manager Public sector at Oracle, Bulgaria

Mr. Dimitar Velev, Director of Information Center, IBM, Bulgaria

Mrs. Violeta Karayncheva, IBM, Bulgaria

Mr. Rosen Kaplanov, IBM, Bulgaria

Mrs. Evgenia Karadjova

Mrs. Vanya Vasileva

Mr. Asen Hristov, Evrohold

Mohamed el Bakari, Counsellor at the Embassy of UAE

H.E. Eleonora Dimitrova, Former ambassador of Bulgaria to India, Director Strategic Communications and Public Diplomacy Directorate

Mrs. Aleksandrina Avramova – journalist at Nova

Mr. Bogdan Stoychev, Deputy major of Koprivshtiza

Mr. Emil Panchev, Chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Automobilists

Mr. Ognyan Stoichkov, Office of Intelligence Control

Prof. Mihail Gruev, Chairman of the State Agency "Archives"

Mr. Hristo Hristov

Mrs. Polly Karastoyanova, Executive Director of the National Tourism Board

Mr. Maxim Benvenisti

Mr. Atanas Temelkov – Former Minister of Еlectronic control

Dr. Dobri Doyadjiev

Dr. Kalin Dimitrov

Congratulatory letters for the event were received from:

Mrs. Evgenia Karadjova, manager of "ESRI Bulgaria" LTD

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ana Vladimirova Djumalieva, Chairman and member of the Commission for Protection from Discrimination

Dr. Elmi Berisha, Vatra, a national organization of albanian in America

Prof. Dr. Martin Stieger, Rector of Allensbach Konstanz University

Prof. Dr. Toni Shikerdzhieva-Novak, Rector of the Academy of Music, Dance and Visual Arts "Prof. Asen Diamandiev"

Major General Todor Dochev, Commander of the Georgi Stoykov Rakovski Military Academy

Mr. Plamen Tonchev, Chairman of the National Security State Agency

Prof. Dr. Miglena Temelkova, Rector of the Higher School of Telecommunications and Posts

Prof. David Phillips, Georgetown University – Washington

Prof. Dr. Evgeni Stanimirov, Rector of Varna University of Economics

Prof. Manoilo Andrey Viktorovich, Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosov

Prof. Mohor Volodymyr Volodymyrovych, Institute of Problem Modeling in Power Engineering G.Є.Pukhova, Ukrainen academy of sciences

H.E. Rosen Zhelyazkov, Speaker of the National Assembly

Mrs. Denitsa Sacheva, Chairman of the Committee on Labour, Social and Demographic Policy

Mrs. Polly Karastoyanova, Executive Director of the National Tourism Board

Academic Prof. Plamen Kartalov, director of the Sofia Opera

Mrs. Yanka Takeva, Chairman of the Bulgarian Teachers' Union

Mr. Daniel Parushev, Chairman of National Assembly of Students` Councils of Bulgaria


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