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UlSIT celebrates 1st of November Day of National Leaders

The University of Library Science and Information Technology (UlSIT) celebrated the Day of National Leaders with a national scientific conference with international participation "Knowledge Society and Humanism of the 21st Century" and a ceremony "National Award named after Academician Blagovest Sendov“ in the National Library "Saint Cyril and Methodius".

On the morning of November 1, the steps of the National Library were decorated with the letters UlSIT, the icon of the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius and the caption "Studying in Bulgaria is prestigious!", solemnity was given by the brass band of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with conductor Alexander Ivanov.

Prof. Stoyan Denchev, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Library Science and Information Technology open the event presenting the official guests and congratulatory letters.

Prof. Denchev gave the floor to Prof. Irena Peteva, rector of the University. In his welcome speech,

Prof. Irena Peteva emphasizes the holiday and its historical and cultural symbolism. She noted that this year's conference, dedicated to Nayden Gerov as the founder of the educational system in our country, highlights the power of the word in maintaining national foundations and national identity from the Renaissance to today.

Prof. Denchev specially invited the former Minister of Culture and former Speaker of the Parliament Prof. Vejdi Rashidov to the floor.

"Today's time needs new leaders. The words we hear must be meaningful to wake people up... Sooner or later we will open our eyes and will smile. And, we should read more Nayden Gerov".
Prof. Vejdi Rashidov

"We need brave people! Our people are asleep, and if they do not see, we are heading for danger. We need the courage of today's leaders to keep our eyes on the essentials."
Bishop Tikhon of Tiveriopolis

The lobby of the National Library, which was the first home of UniBIT more than 70 years ago, welcomed the participants and guests of the XXI National Scientific Conference with international participation "The Knowledge Society and Humanism of the XXI Century". This year's forum was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of Nayden Gerov, respectively, and the two plenary reports "Cultural-historical heritage of Nayden Gerov" by Dr. Andriana Spasova from the Institute of Literature of the BAS and "Renaissance Book Routes - Nayden Gerov" by Maria Uzunova, PhD student at UlsIT.

The history of the UlsIT holiday on November 1 has traditionally been built up over the years. In 2019, the academic community established a National Award for Contribution to Education and Science in the name of the prominent Bulgarian university teacher, scientist and public figure Prof. Blagovest Sendov, Academician of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The "Academic Sendov" awards were presented by the Minister of Education and Science Prof. Galin Tzokov.

In the "Teacher" category was awarded Mr. Milko Bagdasarov, director of the largest school in Southern Bulgaria - Secondary School "P. R. Slaveikov" in Kardzhali. He received a necklace with Prof. Sendov's face, a diploma and a Richelieu watch from Minister Tsokov, the rector of UlsIT Prof. Dr. Irena Peteva and Prof. Denchev.

"I am extremely proud of the fact that I am receiving an award in the name of my idol and authority for generations - Acad. Sendov, respect to all of you wake-up calls here today, and special thanks to Prof. Stoyan Denchev, who walked in Switzerland wearing the cap of our high school!"
Mr. Milko Bagdasarov

In the "University teacher" category, the award went to the Egyptologist Prof. Sergei Ignatov.

"Thanks! It is strange to receive this award because I am not a mathematician. But I accept it because Academician Sendov, in addition to being a talented scientist, was a reformer. We have a lot of work to do to make the scientist's work prestigious, we must support humanitarian knowledge, art to ennoble the souls of young people"
Prof. Sergey Ignatov

With the special award for overall contribution "Acad. Blagovest Sendov" was awarded Mrs. Yanka Takeva, president of the Union of Bulgarian Teachers.

"We cannot be insensitive, walking along the path of the new enlightenment of Nayden Gerov and Neophyte Rilsky. Everyone must love their own race and language for Bulgaria to have it. We, the Bulgarian teachers, create good people who will continue the work, but we must have more like-minded people like the people from UlsIT who care about spirituality in the 21st century."
Mrs. Yanka Takeva

UlsIT awarded the honorary title "Doctor honoris causa" to Mr. Karen Aleksanyan, creator of the "Cyrillic Court" in the city of Pliska. The regalia of the award - the necklace, the toga and the honorary diploma - were presented to him by the rector Prof. Dr. Irena Peteva.

"Today we are together, united through science, art, culture. This is recognition and honor! This is a memory for the teachers who, during centuries of slavery and crises, spoke and wrote in Bulgarian!"
Mr. Karen Aleksanyan

The director of National Library Assoc. Prof. Krasimira Aleksandrova quoted Vazov's words:

"It is not extinguished where it is not extinguished" and called to preserve spirituality in the modern dimensions of the modernity of the 21st century, in order to continue the Bulgarian nation."

This year's award ceremony was accompanied by the premiere of the book "The Global Innovator. How nations have held and lost the innovative edge" by Dr. Hesham Hafez, Professor Emeritus at UlsIT.

Prof. Stoyan Denchev received the title "Follower of People's Leaders", awarded to him by the Union of People's Community Centers at an official ceremony in the National Library.

The celebration of UlSIT continued in the afternoon in 5 scientific sessions, in which 80 scientists participated with 60 papers. The chairman of the Organizing Committee of the conference, Assoc. Prof. Lubomira Parijkova pointed out:

On the Day of the National Leaders, the scientific community is given the opportunity to present and get acquainted with the achievements in various thematic areas of knowledge!

National scientific conference with international participation "The society of knowledge and humanism of the 21st century" has been a tradition for the university for 21 years - it opens in the National Library "St.St. Cyril and Methodius" and continues in the lecture halls of the university.


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