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The University of Library Science and Information Technology - Leader of Education in Bulgaria

Photo: UniBIT

The University of Library Science and Information Technology (UniBIT) this year, for the 18th time in a row, established itself as a leader in the educational market.This is due to the implemented admissions plan for the educational qualification degree "bachelor" according to current data from the Ministry of Education and Science at the beginning of August, 2023, according the prestigios journalistic website Epicenter.

The wishes of young people in Bulgaria to study at UniBIT are aimed at the specialties that are not only attractive, but also maintain the traditions in the Bulgarian national worldview.These are the specialties in the professional areas for which the university has accreditation, evaluated deservedly with high marks by the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation, namely: "History and Archeology", "Public Communications and Information Sciences", "Informatics and ComputerSciences' and 'National Security'.

The result of the implemented admissions plan at UniBIT is due to the efforts of all teachers, doctoral students, students and administrative staff to attract Bulgarian young men and women to stay and study in our country, because the truth is that Bulgarian higher education is competitive at the world level.

UniBIT the Leader Educational Brand

Students who choose UniBIT are convinced that they are receiving a quality education that is a combination of high academic standards, innovative teaching methods and active partnerships with leading companies and organizations from various sectors.UniBIT is proud to admit the most motivated and talented students and ensure that they have the opportunity to develop as leaders in their professional activities.

The most desirable specialties are "National Security" (15 candidates for 1 place), "Communications and Information" (11 candidates for one place), "Information Technologies" and "Information Security" (10 candidates for one place).It is not surprising that the places in the specialty "Library and Information Management" were filled the fastest, which puts it in one of the first places this year. We can safely say that young people also choose the specialties in the field of computer technologies,in which the training is mainly conducted by specialists from the practice.And perhaps the fact that a large part of the students start working in the middle of the second year in prestigious IT companies also has an influence.

UniBIT also offers admission to the educational qualification degree "master".The MASTER'S PROGRAMS of this University are diverse, modern and innovative and they fully meet the needs of students, allowing them to choose exactly what corresponds to their interests and ambitions.


If you want to be a leader in innivation don`t miss the DOCTORAL PROGRAM "Informatics and Computer Science"!


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