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The second people" in the Roman Empire

A public lecture by Prof. Dr. Kalin Stoev presents a constellation of portraits of the second people" in the Roman Empire from the beginning of the Principate to the end of the 3rd century AD. Despite all the power – often brutal and authoritarian – that the Roman emperors wielded, they needed the support of their cronies. Very often one of them had a decisive role in the elevation of the emperor, in the management of the empire, on the battlefield or in the administration of the provinces, and some acquired an almost "collegial" imperial power at the top of the Roman state. The lecture also draws attention to the fact that in the rise of these "gray cardinals" of the imperial period, large-scale socio-political processes of changes in the composition of the ruling layers of the empire are also observed.

Associate Professor Dr. Kalin Stoev is a Bulgarian historian. Graduate of the High School for Ancient Languages and Cultures and Sofia University. In 2012, he defended his doctoral degree at the Institute of Balkan Studies with the Center for Tracology "Prof. Alexander Fall" - BAS, specialty "Old History", on the topic "Romanization of Upper and Lower Mysia according to anthroponymy data (I-III centuries) ". Principal assistant at UniBIT since 2018 and associate professor since 2020 with habilitation thesis "Providentia Imperatoris. Biography of Emperor Maximinus Thrace". Deputy Director of IBCT-BAS from 2022. Lecturer in the Department of "Culture, Historical Heritage and Tourism", where he leads the disciplines "Old History", "Ancient History of the Bulgarian Lands", "Epigraphy", "Political, Economic and Cultural Interactions in the Black Sea region in Antiquity and the early Middle Ages" and "Empires and integration processes in the ancient world".


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