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The director Georgi Kostov conquered the Bulgarian screen on the occasion of the National Holiday March 3rd!

"Happy Holidays Bulgarians! I am proud that on the day of the national holiday, two of my films will be broadcast on two national televisions!!! The absolute hit "XIA" on BTV from 12:30 p.m. and "The rest is ashes" were inspired by the personality of the great Atanas Burov, who we must remember especially on this day from 11:00 p.m. on Nova TV! My newest movie "The Pulse of the Dance" is currently in theaters! Be healthy and proud of your talent and achievements!!!! " wrote the hit director Georgi Kostov in his profiles on social networks.

Director Georgi Kostov's latest film "The Pulse of the Dance" topped the ranking for the most watched film in Bulgaria after its premiere on February 9, 2024, surpassing even foreign productions in viewership. "The Pulse of the Dance" collected 6,410 viewers and 77,650 BGN revenues for the first three days of its release on the big screen. The tape reveals the beauty and elegance in the world of sports dance, the pursuit of a dream, and difficult human relationships. "I am happy that the team and I were able to realize this film, which shows the inside of the intriguing world of competitive sports dancing. I will be very happy if, through the Pulse of Dance, we can inspire more young people to play sports and build healthy lifestyle habits I sincerely hope that with good examples, culture, sports, and education we can change the environment in which we live", commented Georgi Kostov. "The Pulse of the Dance" has been selected in the competition program of the "Golden Rose" festival, as well as in the 28th International Sofia Film Fest 2024, which will be held from March 13 to 31, 2024. The film is awaiting its premiere in London on March 16, 2024. , as well as participation in upcoming international film festivals. The director Georgi Kostov is well known to the Bulgarian public with his rich filmography so far. The talent of Georgi Kostov rose in Bulgarian cinema with the first author's film and the first Bulgarian gangster comedy "Pistol, a Suitcase, and Three Stinking Barrels", where he debuted as a director, screenwriter, and producer at the same time. "Pistol, a Suitcase, and three stinking barrels" became an absolute hit and Georgi Kostov was compared to Tarantino. Among the most successful films of Georgi Kostov to date are: "11 A", the comedy "Sex Academy - Men", the adventure-romantic "The Scumbags", the historical drama "The Rest is Ashes" and the first Bulgarian financial thriller "Stock market players". In addition to making films, Georgi Kostov is actively involved in making commercials, popularizing modern Bulgarian cinema, casting, and discovering and developing talents. Kostov is a Ph.D candidate at The University of Library Studies and Information Technologies.

On the occasion of the national holiday of March 3, viewers will be able to watch two of director Georgi Kostov's films on national television - the hit film "XIA", which will be broadcast on BTV, as well as "The Rest is Ashes" inspired by the personality of Atanas Burov. "Atanas Burov is a great patriot and his words are still relevant today," says director Georgi Kostov." My favorite Burov quote is: "I am not a pessimist. I am deeply convinced that the cause of Bulgaria is not lost, and I would like to instill the same faith in you, to lift your hearts, to give you a little of my optimism, because optimism is a source of faith and energy, and the Bulgarian people need in today's moment, from one and the other, to endure, to hope and to act..." It is on this day that we must remember the great Bulgarians, to whom we owe our freedom and national identity. I am proud and honored that I had the opportunity to be the director of "The Rest Is Ashes" and to touch the thoughts of the comprehensively developed personality of Atanas Burov, in whose role the audience will see Asen Blatechki. All That Remains is Ashes is the first film I've shot in an era, and we used authentic footage from the bombing of Sofia from the archive. I dare to say that the result is a very high-quality and beautiful film, which reveals to the audience the events in Bulgaria from 1944-1945." Shares director Georgi Kostov. In the film, viewers will enjoy the good acting of famous actors such as Asen Blatechki, Evgeni Budinov, Ben Cross, Nathan Cooper, Dilyana Popova, etc., as well as an exciting romantic story.

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