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The BRICS Council of Exercise and Sports Science (BRICSCESS) is an international professional organization consisting of professors, researchers, students, institutions, affiliates, and other exercise and sports science membership groups as provided for in this Constitution. The specific areas of Exercise and Sports Science that BRICSCESS will focus its operations on include (but are not limited to) Exercise Physiology, Health and Fitness, Sports Biomechanics, Sports Psychology, Sports Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Kinanthropometry, Rehabilitation sciences, Sports Pedagogy, Sports Management, Social Sports Science, Sport History, Physical Education, Adaptive Physical Activity, Leisure and Wellness, Sports Training, Sports Technology, Traditional Sport, Olympic Education, Dance Science and related areas such as Sport for All.

The Founders of BRICSCESS

The 3rd BRICSCESS Conference, 2024 was held from 26 to 29 February at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Faridabad, New Delhi NCR, INDIA. The conference theme was “Advances in Holistic Health and Sport for Children and Youth: Innovation, Integration, and Sustainability through Science”.

The event focuses on advances in holistic health and sports for children and young people, prioritizing innovation and integration. More than 300 delegates from 20 countries attended the 3rd BRICSCESS Conference, 2024. In the multidisciplinary event, the importance of exercise, sports, and physical activity in the healthy and quality life of individuals and society were discussed, solutions to problems were sought and suggestions were presented.

Traditionally the conference starts with a meeting of Future Leaders Volunteers (FLVs) with Invited Guests under the guidance of Prof. Ming Kai Chin and the Global Community Health Foundation Several presidents of international sports and scientific associations, professors, and experts in the fields of sports medicine, psychology, pedagogy, and sports nutrition from about 20 countries took part in this fruitful meeting.

The Future Leaders Program was established in 2013 by Prof. Ming Kai Chin. This is an international initiative to select and support young scientists to be on the global stage, supported by the Foundation for Global Community Health. Thankfully the great effort of Prof. Ming Kai in this program now involves more than 100 academic bodies around the world, and more than 80 FLV start their scientific career with global scientific support.

The main goal of the program is to support young scientists in pursuing their academic careers and to oversee their communities to support the SDG, especially the equality of education, the well-being of future generations, and gender equality.

The Power of Unity - Prof. Ming Kai with FLVs at 3rd BRICSCESS Conference, 2024

Highlights of the 3rd BRICSCESS Conference, 2024

Opening Ceremony - Prof. J. Hans de RIDDER, President BRICSCESS, Prof. Mingkai CHIN, Immediate Past – President BRICSCESS and Prof. Gulshan KHANNA, Vice – President BRICSCESS

President Award of BRICSCESS - well-deserved recognition for the outstanding performance of Prof. Ming Ka CHIN on the global stage of science!

Very special moment - FLVs congrats Prof. Ming Kai on his award from BRICSCESS

IFPEFSSA Delegates with Prof Ming Kai Chin and Prof Hans de Ridder

Prof.Stephen KOPECKY (USA) Keynote speaker

Book released during the BRICSCESS conference at Manav Rachna University Faridabad, published by Friends Publications India

Ben Wells (USA) Presentation on Technology in Physical Education

A delegation from Hyderabad to the BRICSCESS International conference in New Delhi

Dr. Piyush Jain, National Secretary of the Physical Education Foundation of India (PEFI), shared profound insights on the future of sports technology during the Panel Discussion

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