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Sport–The Main Tool in Soft Diplomacy, Interview with Prof. Ming Kai Chin

Prof. Dr. Ming-Kai CHIN Founder and President, Foundation for Global Community Health (GCH) Prof. Chin’s research interests lie in the integration of holistic and technology approaches to the fields of PA (PA), sports, exercise science, leisure, and health, aimed at promoting active living in schools and communities. Dr Chin received his BSc in Physical Education with Highest Honour and awarded Top Graduate in the School of Education from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, United States of America (USA) in 1977; an MEd in Administration in Physical Education & Sport with an international scholarship from Springfield College, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. in 1978; his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A. in 1985; and a MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Illinois, USA in 1996. His mentor/supervisor was Dr. Henry J. Montoye. Dr Chin completed his postdoctoral training under Dr. Bruno Balke in 1986 at the Aspen Institute of Sports Medicine Aspen, Colorado, USA. In 1982, as a graduate student, for three months, he travelled to different global renowned sports science institutions and laboratories in eleven European countries. These valuable international travel experiences including meeting the late Dr. P.O. Astrand and Dr. Bengt Saltin gave him professional and academic direction in promoting health and wellness across the globe. As the first Hong Kong scholar to graduate with a Ph.D. from the USA, Dr. Chin returned to Hong Kong in 1986 as Head of Sports Science of Hong Kong Sports Institute for 10 years. Here he established state of the art Human Performance Laboratory (an investment of approximately $580,000 USA dollars), and developed a sport science team of 15 to support Hong Kong’s elite athletes. The team has expertise in exercise physiology, sports psychology, sports biomechanics, sports biochemistry and sports nutrition. From 2002-2005, he served as the Course Director for the course titled Sports Medicine and Sports Science specifically established for elite coaches, the Hong Kong Olympic Academy, and the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China. In 1996 while serving as Head and Principal Lecturer, Department of Physical Education and Sports Science at the Hong Kong Institute of Education (now The Education University of Hong Kong), Dr Chin promoted the integration of teaching physical education (PE) and the merging of PE and health into a school curriculum for children and youth. Once again at HKEd, he built another state-of-the-art Human Performance Laboratory (an investment of $962,000 USA dollars) to focus and facilitate the importance of incorporating theory and practice into sports science and to support teaching of PA and sport in PE classes. During his 10 years of service at HKIEd, Dr Chin supervised 600 PE lessons in primary and secondary education. He initiated the first B.Ed. (Primary) and B.Ed. (Secondary) undergraduate PE degrees in Hong Kong and moved the PE profession from a traditional skill-based teaching activity to an active health lifestyle incorporating a PA curriculum. Prof. Chin served as the only invited member from Hong Kong by the Guiding Committee for Physical Education in Higher Institutions of State Education Commission in China from 1996-2005. This Commission is at the highest organization level in the Education Ministry of China, because this group reviews all policy making and curriculum changes at the primary, secondary, and university levels. In 2006, Prof Chin returned to the USA and to become a Visiting Professor and Professor in the School of Kinesiology, Allied Health and Human Services, at the University of Northern, Iowa (2006-2009) and Vice President, Global Affairs and Research, HOPSports Inc., USA from 2010-2022. Prof. Chin received the first Monica R. Wild and Doris E. White International Scholar awarded by School of Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Leisure, University of Northern Iowa, USA in 2002 and was elected Fellow in the Association Internationale des Ecoles Superieures d’Education Physique (AIESEP) (2002) and Research Consortium of SHAPE America (2004). In 2005, Dr. Chin was recognized for the Top 100 Health Professionals Pinnacle of Achievement Award for Medicine & Health Care in the arena of Sports Science, International Biographical Centre (IBC), Cambridge, England. In 2015, Prof. Chin was awarded the Medal of Manuel Gomes Tubino by FIEP for his global contribution in PE. As a Pioneer in promoting interdisciplinary collaboration with individuals from PE and sports science in the international community, Prof. Chin has received many accolades: in 2001, Dr Chin was one of four Founders and became a President of the Asian Council of Exercise and Sports Science (ACESS) (; he was the International Advisers for ten Asian-Pacific Conferences for Exercise and Sports Science.


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