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Mudu Experimental Primary School joined the Foundation for Global Community Health (GCH) ’s "Building a Global Model School" Project

Jiangnan Times News

In mid-March 2023, a video Zoom conference between Mudu Experimental Primary School and GCH was successfully held in Mudu Experimental Primary School to carry out friendly exchanges on the introduction and implementation of the "Building a Global Model School" project.

The meeting was attended by GCH Founder and President Prof. Dr. Ming-Kai Chin, Dr. Steve Kopecky, MD, cardiologist from Mayo Clinic, Mr. Tom Root, President of HOPSports, Dr. Michelle Lombardo, President of OrganWise Guys, Mr. Li Xiao Dong, President, Zhengzhou Best Team Co.Ltd, Assoc. Prof. Dr. G. Balasekaran, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and some of the school program leaders and teachers. At the beginning of the conference, Prof. Chin introduced the guests and the GCH Model School Project, and emphasized its importance. The project started 15 years ago, and two years ago, model schools in Singapore promoted the program and it was a success. Last year, Hong Kong's model school won the Gold Award. Next, the Hong Kong teacher representative Phoenix Tong introduced the practice of model schools in Hong Kong, as well as physical education and information technology. Subsequently, Prof. Chin indicated that the most appropriate way to develop the project should be adjusted and adopted according to different cultures, countries and teaching methods of different schools. During implementation, it is appropriate to use different teaching methods, such as videos and other technical methods, to make the project more interesting and engaging for students.

Then, Xia Jing, Principal of Mudu Experimental Primary School, enthusiastically introduced Mudu Experimental Primary School in Jiangsu Province to the guests. The school is located in Mudu Ancient Town, on the shore of Taihu Lake and at the foot of Lingyan Mountain, founded in 1904, and is a famous experimental primary school and model school in Jiangsu Province. At present, the school has 208 teaching staff, 51 teaching classes, and 2398 students. At present, there are 1 senior teacher, 13 senior teachers, 3 well-known teachers in the city and district, 22 subject leaders in the city and district, 3 leaders in the district class teachers, and 15 key teachers in the in the district. Mushi Elementary School has a century-old history of running a school and has accumulated a rich heritage. The school adheres to the three winds of "standing", "good morality", "love to establish education" and "thinking to establish learning", adheres to the school philosophy of "let every student stand up", and strives to cultivate "Fangzheng liberal arts and confident Tenghua teenagers". At present, the school is a national advanced school for cultivation education, a national football and Go characteristic school, a youth artificial intelligence technology talent training base of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and a STEAM and artificial intelligence teaching and research practice base of Southeast University, and the first batch of smart campus 4A schools in Suzhou.

After listening to Principal Xia's introduction, Prof. Chin made a suggestion. He believes that in a model school, the principal is the most important. The principal needs to lead the team and make a strategic planning. In addition, he pointed out the importance of learning for physical, mental and emotional health in well-being. Principal Xia Jing also said that in the future, under

the guidance of experts, the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be used as work indicators to build a more scientific and diversified curriculum for students, pointing to the healthy development of students, and empower students to grow through various practical activities to broaden students' horizons, increase knowledge application, and guide practical innovation. By optimizing the diet habits, enhancing physical exercise, enhancing environmental awareness, and strengthening the collaboration between society and school, we are committed to achieving integration and sustainable development of schools, children and communities.

At the end of the meeting, the participating experts actively discussed and expressed their views: Dr. Bala highly affirmed the projects of the Hong Kong and Suzhou Model Schools, and mentioned that the team of many experts was one of the success factors. Prof. Dai offered that Soochow University would help and work to make the project a success. Dr. Michelle Lombardo is pleased to see the progress of this project, and all departments of the school have joined the project, which is very beneficial to the promotion of the project. Mr. Tom Root affirmed the importance of the principal and emphasized the need to strengthen cooperation to promote the project to the world.


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