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Saudi professor Manahel Thabet appointed Commonwealth's special envoy for science and technology

Patricia Scotland, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations, has appointed Saudi Professor Manahel Thabet as her special envoy for science and technology. This decision highlights Thabet's notable expertise and her significant contributions to the scientific and technological realms.

The Commonwealth, comprising 56 countries and representing over 2.5 billion people globally, focuses on fostering sustainable development, advanced technologies, coexistence, and peace, marking its status as a prominent entity in both political and scientific spheres.

Professor Thabet's role will be pivotal in connecting member states to achieve sustainable development goals. Her responsibilities include facilitating communication, exchanging knowledge and expertise, directing scientific and technical research efforts, adopting best practices, and utilizing technology to tackle environmental issues.

Additionally, she will play a key role in enhancing economic cooperation, developing policies, formulating legal frameworks to foster innovation, and capacity building of scientists and professionals within the member states.

Professor Thabet's illustrious career includes several high-profile roles. She serves as an advisor to the president of King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), president of the Economic Forum for Sustainable Development, and founder president of Consortium Consultants. She is also the deputy director of the Institute for Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition at Imperial College, vice president of the World Intelligence Network (WIN), and vice-chancellor of the UK Gifted Academy.


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