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Religious Tolerance, a ‘Hallmark’ of Morocco’s History (US State Department)

Washington - Religious tolerance is “a hallmark" of Morocco’s history, the US State Department points out in a new report.

“Religious tolerance is a hallmark of Morocco’s history — from its welcoming of refugees fleeing the Iberian Peninsula at the end of the 15th century to late King Mohammed V’s efforts to protect Jews during World War II,” says the report released by the Office of the US Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism.

The document underlines the role of Bay Dakira, noting that the goal of this space is “to help preserve Morocco’s ancient Jewish heritage by revitalizing a historic synagogue, signifying the country’s goodwill toward its Jewish population.”

“The site serves as a symbol of Morocco’s commitment to multiculturalism and the preservation of its rich Jewish heritage,” the report stresses.

The document also underlines the importance of the action of the Mimouna Association, saying that this NGO “seeks to expand awareness among Moroccan youth regarding the rich Jewish cultural history that has existed in the country for thousands of years.”

“Mimouna was created by a group of young Muslim students that aspired to promote and preserve Moroccan Jewish heritage,” the report points out, adding that “the bulk of Mimouna’s operations are centered around educational programs that elevate interfaith dialogue and encourage cultural pluralism in Morocco.”

The US report identifies more than 40 programs, policies, and actions from around the world that counter antisemitism.



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