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Qatar Foundation student, youngest Qatari to summit Mount Kilimanjaro

Doha, Qatar: A Qatar Foundation (QF) student has become the youngest Qatari to climb Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in Africa, according The Peninsula.

The 14-year-old Yousef Al Kuwari, a QF’s Qatar Academy – Al Wakra (QAW) student, is now arguably the youngest Qatari to climb Kilimanjaro.

Al Kuwari was part of a group of students from QF schools Pre-University Education schools who had just returned from a mountaineering trip to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

The experience has allowed Al Kuwari and others to develop a host of skills that will shape their character, personality, and preparedness to overcome life’s challenges in the future.

Al Kuwari succeeded a fellow 15-year-old QF student recorded as the youngest to climb Kilimanjaro Mount Kilimanjaro in 2022.

This year’s ‘Killi Challenge’ offered QF students a life experience unlike any they would learn in the classroom. Abdirahman Handule, a Qatar Academy - Al Wakra teacher, led the trip from Doha to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Some students shared their experiences and the invaluable lessons they learned during the trip.

“The experience of my Kilimanjaro expedition inspired me to explore the world more. It taught me to appreciate other cultures and widen my perspectives and intellectual growth,” said Shahad Al Fadala, 18, a Qatar Academy – Sidra (QAS) student, adding that climbing Mount Kilimanjaro has significantly impacted her confidence.

The students underwent an intensive physical training program for four months to prepare for the daunting task of scaling Mount Kilimanjaro. They adhered to workout routines and engaged in biweekly or thrice monthly collective fitness sessions. As the day of the expedition drew closer, their exercise frequency surged, reflecting their escalating dedication.

“I was initially skeptical about its transformative impact, but now I wholeheartedly acknowledge its truth. We all emerged as entirely different individuals, enriched by the experience and embracing life with understanding its depth and meaning,” said Al Fadala.

“Without a doubt, the lessons from this journey will equip me for future challenges. The experience instilled in me a profound sense of strength and self-belief. Recognizing how my capabilities surpassed expectations on Kilimanjaro has given me the confidence to confront any challenges in the future,” she added.

“Through shared experiences and challenges, I bonded and formed new friendships with classmates and teachers – it was almost like a family during the expedition. Working together as a team on various activities helped break the ice and strengthened our connections,” said Mishari Saleh Al Ghamdi, student at Qatar Academy Wakra.

“Facing demanding physical activities during the training, overcoming these challenges, and pushing my limits made me feel more self-assured in my abilities and strength. It taught me the value of perseverance and determination. And I learned that with proper training and support, I could achieve something as daunting as climbing a mountain, and this has inspired me to tackle more challenging feats,” Al Ghamdi added.



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