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President Radev: There is still a lack of resources for combat training

The resource insecurity of the army and the low social status will gradually remain in history, said President Rumen Radev to the Bulgarian contingent from the Multinational Battle Group, which is on the territory of our country.

The Head of State and the President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, visited the Novo Selo training ground, where they were greeted with a guard of honor by members of the Multinational Battle Group.

The two got acquainted with the mission and activities of the formation, of which in October 2022 Italy assumed the role of a framework state. Mattarella is in Bulgaria at Radev's invitation.

"As the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, I want to assure you that resource insecurity, low social status, your equipment, and armament - all these problems will gradually become history," Radev told the servicemen.

After years of constant insistence on raising social status, motivation, and working conditions for professional training and realization, a very difficult process that requires political understanding and awareness of security processes, requires political will and responsibility from all institutions in the country - I can finally tell you that this machine is moving, said Radev, BTA reports. The President congratulated the new leadership of the Ministry of Defense and pointed out that "finally there is understanding in all parties in the Bulgarian Parliament".

The head of state noted the planned increase in the salaries of military personnel. Changes to the Defense and Armed Forces Law of the Republic of Bulgaria were supported by the parliamentary committee on defense a few days ago. With the changes from 1 January 2025, the total remuneration for the lowest position for a serviceman will be equal to the national average salary. The draft law is to be considered in the plenary hall.


We are in constant communication with the leadership of the Ministry of Defense, with the Defense Headquarters, and with the types of armed forces, how to make it so that you have better working conditions, and better opportunities for professional realization, to speed up the process of modernization, but not only with the big projects, explained the head of state. According to him, low-budget means are massively used, which are adapted very flexibly and quickly to the conditions of battle and are used as destructive means. The president gave an example of how cheap drones are attached to ammunition and become dangerous weapons.

I know how difficult it was over the years until elementary questions about uniforms and equipment were resolved, Radev said. I felt embarrassed and ashamed to visit the formations of the Bulgarian Army and instead of talking about modernization and combat training, I was asked questions about shoes and uniforms, he pointed out. This is important, it starts from there. Each one of you should feel confident that he is being taken care of and receiving the best, Rumen Radev also said.

This highly responsible activity of yours contributes not only to the security of Bulgaria, it contributes to the security of the entire region and is an important condition for the political and economic stability and the overall development of our country and the region, the president said to the Bulgarian military personnel of the Multinational Battle Group.

As a result of the war in Ukraine, the military sphere is developing extremely dynamically, Radev pointed out. The operational art, the military science is perfected every day. This means the need for an extremely intensive exchange with our allies, the head of state also said.



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