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President Radev confers Order of the Madara Horseman on Israeli ambassador Yoram Elron

President Rumen Radev has conferred the Order of the Madara Horseman, first degree, on Israel’s ambassador to Bulgaria Yoram Elron for his especially significant contribution to the promotion of bilateral relations.

“There exists a genuine sense of friendship and understanding between the peoples of the two countries, based on deep cultural and historical ties, active partnership and mutual trust,” said President Radev. In his words this is due to the efforts of the Bulgarian state and society 80 years ago, in the darkest times of World War II, when Bulgaria did not allow its large Jewish community to be sent to the death camps. In the past, as now, the Bulgarian Jews have remained highly integrated in all spheres of public life in the country, the president said further.

Ambassador Elron replied that the relations between the two countries are special, particularly with Bulgaria’s contribution during World War II to the rescue of the Jewish population. Ambassador Yoram Elron added that there are around 300,000 Israeli tourists coming to Bulgaria every year.



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