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Polisario attacks civilian in Morocco: a terrorist act

The UN Security Council extended the mandate of the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) for another year, calling on the parties to resume negotiations to achieve a just, lasting and mutually acceptable solution for the region.

This resolution comes against a serious development. A series of deadly blasts shook the town of Smara, located in southern Morocco, on the night of Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th October 2023. This attack on residential areas resulted in the death of one person and left three others injured, two of them seriously. In addition, significant material damage was inflicted on the civilian population.

The Moroccan authorities reacted appropriately and launched an investigation to determine the exact nature of the attacks and their origin. However, converging evidence already points to the Polisario, a group that unilaterally broke the UN-sponsored ceasefire in force since 1991.

The Polisario itself claimed responsibility for the attack, explicitly in its "war communiqué n° 901", boasting of having caused casualties and glorying in its destructive acts. What's more, the Polisario representative at the UN, Sidi M. Omar, publicly assumed this claim, which made the headlines in the international press, making the attack part of the armed militia's "struggle", and showing blatant disregard for regional peace and stability.

The attacks targeted civilian areas with no military or strategic presence. The Moroccan authorities continue to show restraint and reserve, despite these dangerous provocations aimed at diverting the attention of the UN Security Council.

In these uncertain times, Morocco remains unperturbed by these terrorist acts and insists on the importance of regional peace and security. The Moroccan authorities are committed to conducting a thorough investigation to identify those responsible for these attacks and bring them to justice, an official said.

Morocco remains a bastion of the rule of law and cannot tolerate such acts of terrorist violence. Despite these attempts at destabilization, Morocco continues to defend regional peace and security with determination, denouncing the Polisario separatists for what they are: a terrorist organization that preys on civilian populations, he further added.

On the Other side, polisario has been linked, several times, to terrorist groups. In 2022, Brice Hortefeux, member of the European Parliament, stated “there are indications that Polisario, which controls certain no-go areas, is in league with terrorist groups, supplying them with weapons and logistical support, including fuel. These links between Polisario and terrorist groups are nothing new. The founders of the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, Abu Walid and Abu al-Sahrawi, were Polisario fighters.”

Furthermore, the polisario’s connections with regional terrorism in the Sahara and the Sahel are no longer a secret. This has been confirmed by Turkish writer Mohamed Kaddo Afendi Oglu, just weeks after the revelations made in this connection by The Wall Street Journal.

Specialist in Turkish Affairs and Arab-Turkish relations, Kaddo Afendi Oglu expressed amazement at the policies pursued by some countries, including Arab states, which support the Polisario, although this separatist movement is an extremist entity that has no international legitimacy and that is linked to terrorist organizations in the region.



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