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On 14th of February was organized the commemorative event in sweet memory of H. E. Ms. Sri Astari Rasjid, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Indonesia to the Republic of Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia and Albania (2016 – 2020). The lead of the organization took Mrs. Snejana Todorova, Cairman of the Board of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists.

The event was honored by the ambassadors of Indonesia, Kingdom of Morocco, Republic of Cuba, Palestine, Mongolia, Iran, North Macedonia, Vietnam, the representatives from Ministry of International Afairs, academic bodies, journalists, and a lot of friends.

A few moments from the heartfelt words of those who revere, love, and bow to her work to make a peaceful world through cultural diplomacy:

“For success in art, talent is not enough, discipline is required!” says H.E. Sri Astari Rasjid. “

A passionate fan of cultural diplomacy, as an artist ambassador she initiates and creates a number of events. One of her enduring ideas is precisely the Festival of Asian Cultures.” Snejana Todorova

Indeed she demonstrated how to be a brilliant example of cultural diplomacy…

“The art of diplomacy is to touch the soul that manifests itself in the art and culture of the people!” Snejana Todorova

Was performed again the specially prepared video, in which she brilliantly performs the song "Tell me, white cloud" in Bulgarian.

Nabiollah Masoumi presented some of the brilliant projects of H.E. Sri Astari Rasjid the book The Art of Diplomacy, the painting Bulgarian rose - “the trinity of a lover, beloved and the love …”

And her last project the installation, the movie, and the upcoming book “The 9th Pearls of Heaven”.

But how can one describe such an amazing person…

“She was the woman of vision and art… She was the Ambassador of peace…” Nabiollah Masoumi

"Her legacy will live with us…” H.E. Mr. Iwan Bogananta Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia

“She was a Universe…. The 10th Pearl of Heaven…”

Sonia Avakjan

“Her immense humanism knew no boundaries… the Ambassador of good manners…” H.E. Mrs. Caridad Yamira Cueto Milián Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba

“In my 40-year career as a diplomat, I have never met such an extraordinary person…” H.E. Syed Mohammad Jawad Rasooli Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran

“She loves life…” H. E. Mrs. Zakia El Midaoui Ambassador of the Kingdom in Morocco

The legacy of H.E. Ms. Sri Astari Rasjid to all of us…

“Bulgaria as a cultural land might be the reason why I was chosen as the head of Indonesian mission here, that’s why I formulated my strategy as "Cultural Diplomacy". Through cultural diplomacy, we can create harmony and promote peace. Through cultures, we connect people to celebrate the "Unity of Humanity", as we Indonesian say, "Unity in Diversity." Cultural Diplomacy creates mutual trust and understanding between nations. In my experience, Cultural Diplomacy proved to be an effective and excellent way to promote, Connectivity, Peace, Tolerance, and Harmony among nations. As love ties people, culture ties nations together.”


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