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NEOM Unveils Two Futuristic Coastal Skyscrapers in Saudi Arabia

NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s Mega Project, has just announced a new upscale coastal destination within the sustainable regional development in northwest Saudi Arabia. Positioned along the Gulf of Aqaba, Epicon aims to redefine hospitality and architecture standards. Featuring two pointed skyscrapers, it features a prominent hotel and luxury apartments.

The scheme compromises two towers at 225 meters and 275 meters, respectively, housing a premium 41-key hotel and 14 suites and apartments. Nearby, the Epicon resort includes 120 rooms and 45 beach villas, blending coastal living with luxury amenities. Epicon is designed to be a haven from everyday life, providing experiences varying from high-end cuisine to water sports.

The project boasts spa-tailored wellness treatments and beachside relaxation. In fact, it offers complete visitor and resident care, fostering a luxury experience. The goal of Epicon is to redefine high-end living by seamlessly merging cutting-edge design and first-rate services.

Together with first-rate facilities, including a gym, library, workstations, pools, and lounges, residents and visitors will also get panoramic views of NEOM's shoreline. Interestingly, the launch of Epicon coincides with the declaration of Leyja, another ecotourism destination in NEOM; both align with the Kingdom's larger goals to enhance its ecotourism range.

NEOM is planned as a cross-border city development project in Saudi Arabia. Its intentions are to be a futuristic, sustainable city located in the northwest region of the kingdom in order to drive innovation and technology. In October, Zaha Hadid Architects unveiled the plans for a striking 330-meter tall skyscraper within the Trojena ski resort, situated in the NEOM development in Saudi Arabia. The new crystal-like skyscraper will be located on a mountain overlooking a central artificial lake. Additionally, NEOM unveiled an exhibition at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, presenting the concept and standards guiding the design of “The Line,” their proposed 170-kilometer-long linear city in NEOM.



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