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National Day of Vietnam – September 2, 2023

National Day of Vietnam is observed every year on September 2 in Vietnam. The day is also called the Independence Day of Vietnam. It is a public holiday in the country with businesses and schools staying shut. This day marks the independence of Vietnam from the French in 1945. National Day of Vietnam is marked by the Vietnamese by attending speeches, events, and carnivals that are organized in cities across the country. It is a day of much festivity and joy. On this day, the country also sees a surge of tourists wanting to see and take part in the festivities.

In 1887, Vietnam became part of French Indochina. During the Second World War, Vietnam was captured by the Japanese. The French did not go away completely but continued to exert a bit of influence in Vietnam. At the end of the war in August 1945, Vietnam was left without a colonial power. Sensing this vacuum, Việt Minh launched the August Revolution across the country to take the power back from the colonizers. Emperor Bảo Đại abdicated on August 25, 1945, bringing an end to the Nguyễn dynasty.

On September 2, 1945, at Ba Đình Square, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, leader of the Viet Minh, declared Vietnam an independent country. The name of this new nation would be the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. In 1976, the two halves of Vietnam were united into one country, and the name was changed to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. September 2 remains the National Day of Vietnam.

Following the end of the Vietnam War, the Communist Party of Vietnam drew up a list of national holidays. These new holidays also included the International Labour Day on May 1, the anniversary of the August Revolution on August 19, the National Day of Vietnam on September 2, and Ho Chi Minh’s birthday on May 19. In 2019, the National Day of Vietnam was lengthened by one day by adding one day immediately before or after September 2. On these days, the country observes a full public holiday.



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