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Morocco Rising to Become Key Player in Europe’s Green Hydrogen Market

Morocco’s determined push into the European green hydrogen market is gaining considerable momentum, a new study has concluded, noting that the country’s substantial investments and its strategic roadmap are paving the way for a potential 5% contribution to the continent’s clean energy demand

According to the study, which was conducted by the renowned German Fraunhofer Institute, a leader in applied science research, Morocco is rapidly solidifying its role as a significant player in the burgeoning European green hydrogen market, with ambitions to become a key supplier to the continent.

Reporting today on the study’s conclusions and recommendations, the Spanish economic daily Cinco Dias highlighted that Morocco’s cumulative investments of nearly 16.4 billion euros have positioned the country as a potential heavyweight supplier of green hydrogen, aiming to meet 5% of Europe's demand for this clean energy source.

Morocco is accelerating its green hydrogen production efforts with a target of achieving a total output of 160 terawatt-hours by 2050, the Spanish publication argued, adding that this ambitious goal underscores Morocco’s commitment to becoming a prominent player in the transition towards sustainable energy.

This journey towards establishing a robust green hydrogen sector in Morocco began in earnest in 2021, the study recalled, noting that the ongoing quest has been marked by substantial efforts to develop a comprehensive value chain.

The “Morocco Offer” project for green hydrogen, a central component of the country’s strategy, entails a meticulously crafted roadmap for green hydrogen production. This initiative not only envisions diversifying Morocco’s energy portfolio, but it also aims to establish an energy model conducive to the increased production of this eco-friendly energy source.

Emilio Nieto, the director of the National Hydrogen Center, emphasized the strategic advantage that Spain and Italy hold as potential entry points for Morocco's green hydrogen production into the European market. To fully harness Morocco's hydrogen potential, Nieto pointed to the necessity of establishing a physical infrastructure connecting the Iberian Peninsula to North Africa and the wider European network.

In line with this vision, Spain's hydrocarbon company Cepsa unveiled plans in 2022 for the construction of a hydro-pipeline designed to import green hydrogen from Morocco. This ambitious project not only showcases the mutual interests between the two nations but also highlights their determination to facilitate the cross-border flow of renewable energy sources.

Morocco’s dedication to becoming a notable supplier of green hydrogen aligns with its broader objectives of sustainable development and carbon neutrality.

By investing heavily in the green hydrogen sector, Morocco aspires to not only secure its own energy future but also contribute significantly to Europe's clean energy goals. With its proactive approach and substantial investments, Morocco is emerging as a key player in shaping the future of the European hydrogen landscape.



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