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Morocco: Mohammed VI appreciates the help of many countries to cope with the earthquake damage

The king of Morocco assures that massive aid is not the best, but that which is useful, effective, and well-coordinated and with a meticulous evaluation of the specific needs on the ground by those responsible in each affected place.

Based on this assessment, the Moroccan authorities have responded favorably, at this stage of the rescue and relief operations for the earthquake victims, to offers of support from friendly countries to make rescue and relief teams available. In this line of coordinated action, the teams sent by these countries are in operational contact with their Moroccan counterparts.

At the session, it was decided that as intervention operations evolve in response to the damage caused by the earthquake in all the affected provinces, the assessment of possible needs could evolve towards other phases that could lead to recourse to offers of support from other countries, which would imply requesting and accepting other forms of collaboration.

At the working session chaired by Mohammed VI, who took only 3 hours to prepare and make the flight from Paris to Rabat since the earthquake struck, it was assured that in Morocco : "we must congratulate ourselves for the displays of solidarity and mobilization from different regions of the world, which testifies to the consideration and recognition of these countries towards Morocco's commitment and its multiple contributions to the actions of human support carried out in accordance with the High Orientations of His Majesty The King."


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