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Morocco makes more Women’s World Cup history, reaches knockout rounds

Photograph: Paul Kane/Getty Images

Morocco’s Atlas Lionesses have etched their name in the annals of football history after securing their first-ever qualification for the knockout stage of the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

In a thrilling and competitive match against Colombia on Thursday, the Moroccan national team showcased their impressive skills and delivered a stunning performance on the field, securing a 1-0 victory.

What makes Morocco's achievement even more remarkable is that they are the first team from the North Africa and Middle East (MENA) region to qualify for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

As underdogs in Group H, the Moroccan team proved their capabilities by securing their first-ever win at the World Cup, defeating South Korea 1-0 in a thrilling encounter.

Beyond their on-field prowess, the Moroccan team has also made headlines for promoting inclusivity and breaking barriers. Morocco’s Nouhaila Benzina became the first-ever player to wear a hijab during the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

In the other group match, two-time former champions Germany drew 1-1 with South Korea and were eliminated.

Morocco and Colombia each finished on six points in Group H, while Germany finished with four points and South Korea with one.

Morocco’s fans “are going to support us one more time. We love them, we cherish them, we feel they’re behind us. It gives us strength. Well done to all the girls and we’re continuing on our merry way.” — Reynald Pedros, Morocco coach.



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