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Morocco: King orders 3-day national mourning, lowering of flags

King Mohammed VI declared three days of mourning after the devastating 7 magnitude earthquake that killed more than 2100 people on Friday night.

The King announced the news during a working session dedicated to the situation in the wake of the heartbreaking earthquake.

During the meeting, King Mohamed VI expressed condolence to all families who lost their loved ones during the devastating quake.

In the session, Morocco’s senior officials provided the King with the latest developments related to the devastating earthquake.

The session also reviewed the measures the King instructed to help people affected by the earthquake.

The measures includes strengthening the means, search, and rescue teams to speed up the process of rescuing and evacuation the injured victims.

The measures also cover providing affected people with potable water, the rapid resumption of public services, as well as the disturbing of food, tents, and blankets.

Under the King’s instructions, the Royal Armed Forces also deployed important human and logistical means as well as specialized intervention units to help the victims.

The monarch instructed the government and all authorities to gear up and continue efforts seeking to help in the rescue operation.

The King also called for the immediate establishment of an inter-ministerial committee tasked with developing an urgent program to rehabilitate and provide support to rebuild destroyed homes in affected areas as soon as possible.

The measures also seek to provide assistance to people in difficult situations, especially orphans and people in vulnerable situations.

The list of urgent actions also included the creation of a special bank account at Treasury and Bank Al Maghrib to receive the voluntary solidarity contributions of citizens as well as private and public instructions.

The monarch also called for encouraging economic operators for a quick resumption of activities in the areas concerned as well as ensuring the full mobilization of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, with all its components, to support citizens in affected areas.

The measures also seek the creation of reserves and stocks of basic necessities — including medicines, tents, beds, and food — across the affected regions.

King Mohammed VI also instructed the minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs to perform the Absent Prayer (Salat Al Ghaib) in all mosques throughout the Kingdom, for the repose of the victims' souls.

The monarch also extended his thanks and gratitude to all countries that expressed their solidarity with the Moroccan people in this situation, and many of which expressed their readiness to provide aid in these special circumstances.



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