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Morocco denounces again targeting of civilians in Gaza, urges ceasefire


Morocco, whose king Mohammed VI chairs the Al Quds committee, denounced the targeting of civilians in Gaza and urged a ceasefire that would allow for delivering urgent aid, expressing “disappointment” at the failure of the international community to put an end to this catastrophic situation.

Morocco renews the expression of its deep concern following the continuation of military acts and the worsening humanitarian conditions in Gaza, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

It recalled that three weeks after the outbreak of fighting, civilians are still targeted, with thousands of dead, especially women and children, while tens of thousands have been injured or reported missing as bombing of places of worship, hospitals, refugee camps continues in an arbitrary way.

This “has forcibly displaced more than one million people and deprived the population of water, electricity and fuel causing a catastrophic humanitarian situation,” the statement said.

“The kingdom of Morocco stresses that all these escalatory Israeli acts are breaching the international humanitarian law and the universal human values and warns of an expansion of the conflict to the Palestinian territories and the widening of the scope of violence to adjacent regions in a way that threatens the region’s stability,” it said.

Morocco expresses its “disappointment” at the failure of the international community and the Security Council to shoulder its responsibility and the incapacity of influential powers to put an end to this catastrophic situation.

Morocco renewed its stand in support of the Palestinian authority led by Mahmud Abbas and calls for a ceasefire and allowing the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid.

It also called for “the release of hostages and detainees” and reaffirmed support for the two-state solution.



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