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Morocco: A diplomatic delegation from 14 nations assesses socioeconomic and political landscape in the Southern provinces

A high-level diplomatic delegation of permanent representatives from 14 countries to the United Nations and international organizations in Geneva arrived for a four-day visit in Laayoune and a two-day visit in Dakhla to assess the region’s socio-economic and political landscape framework.

The diplomatic delegation includes Jamal Al Musharak, the permanent representative of the UAE to the United Nations and international organizations in Geneva, along with representatives from Bahrain, Yemen, Comoros, Senegal, Cape Verde, the Kingdom of Eswatini, Gabon, Gambia, Equatorial Guinea, Malawi, Togo, and Zambia.

The delegation will talk with the region’s president, Sidi Hamdi Ould Errachid, and the regional governor of Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra, Abdeslem Bekrate, on economic and development projects and human rights conditions.

All countries in the delegation have previously established consulates in the southern regions, except Yemen, which has consistently voiced firm stances on support for Morocco’s territorial integrity in various regional and international forums.

The visit aligns with the implementation of King Mohammed VI’s royal vision and international initiative to facilitate the Sahel countries’ access to the Atlantic Ocean. It also serves as an extension of Morocco’s ongoing efforts to foster prosperity and unity across the African continent.

The diplomatic delegation will embark on a field tour encompassing various significant development projects and completed workshops in Laayoune, providing an opportunity to examine the region’s developmental strides closely.

The tour will include visits to educational institutions, healthcare facilities, sports complexes, cultural landmarks, and tourism projects, culminating with meetings with Sahrawi tribal leaders.


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