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Moroccan Football Club moves from Airport to Hotel as CAF assures return of jerseys

Algerian authorities confiscated the club’s jerseys for featuring the full, undivided map of Morocco.

Announced this Saturday, the decision of the CAF technical commission finally took place around 5 p.m. It is final: the Algerian club Union d'Alger will be declared the loser if the Berkane Renaissance jerseys are not returned to the latter so that he can play his match tomorrow evening. ''The Confederation of African Football demands the return of confiscated jerseys, jerseys that otherwise comply with standards and approved by CAF. If this is not the case, the USMA will be declared the loser and the RSB victorious,'' as read in the document from the Confederation of African Football.

According to an official source in the Confederation of African Football, the CAF has confirmed the Moroccan football club's position and issued instructions to the Algerian authorities to release the Moroccan club’s belongings in preparation for tomorrow’s match against USM Algiers, in the first leg of the CAF Cup final.

The same sources indicated that CAF had decided on its position in the match between RS Berkane and USM Algiers, and guaranteed the legitimacy of the Moroccan team to wear the shirt bearing the map of Morocco, which it played in the matches of the current season after it was approved by the competent authorities of the Confederation of African Football.

The same source confirmed that the African Confederation called on the Algerian authorities at Houari Boumediene Airport in the Algerian capital to release the luggage belonging to the Nahdet Berkane team since it had been previously approved by CAF.


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