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Misk Foundation hosts Youth Majlis in Davos

Inspired by the Arabic term “Majlis”, which is a communal space where people gather to connect, communicate and socialize. Misk Youth Majlis at Davos offers a platform for leaders and youth to discuss global youth issues, find collaborative solutions, and explore how to transform youth ideas into action.

Founded in 2011, the Misk Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and enabling Saudi youth in various domains such as leadership and entrepreneurship.

Through its Youth Majlis, Misk — the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Foundation — aims to empower youth by facilitating dialogues with leaders to address global challenges and build communication bridges.

This year’s theme, “The Big Now,” demonstrates the significant impact leaders can have on the creation of opportunities for young people and fosters a supportive environment where youths’ perspectives, thoughts, and initiatives are highly regarded and incorporated into the core of decision-making. 

The main goal of Misk’s Youth Majlis is to encourage young people to social transformation while emphasizing the immense potential of artificial intelligence, global citizenship, and innovation.

Interactive displays are set in a place where individuals can contribute to a survey by answering questions, enabling youth-led positive social impact.


This year’s Youth Majlis has curated interactive spaces for 35 speakers in 10 discussion sessions to promote dialogue on important topics and discuss the impact of Misk’s initiatives on the young community locally and internationally.

Princess Reema bint Bandar, the ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the US, discussed Misk’s aim of empowering young people and providing them with the chance to promote their ideas and have a global impact. She emphasized that by participating in Davos, these youths will have their voices heard by decision-makers.

Other panels dove into combating misinformation on social media and thus encouraging a healthy online community, promoting leadership skills, and guiding young individuals on their developmental journey.

Casper Herzberg, CEO of AVENA Group and member of Schneider Electric’s executive committee, spoke about his leadership journey, saying:

“Before you expect things from others, expect things from yourself. Do what you say to establish trust. Consistency is key; erratic leadership is not appreciated.”

Editor-in-Chief of Arab News Faisal J. Abbas led a panel discussion underscoring the importance of combatting misinformation through media literacy, stating:

“In today’s world, anyone with a smartphone and internet access can create and share content, marking a revolutionary change in how information is disseminated.”

Misk operates several affiliated entities, including the Misk Art Institute, Mohammed bin Salman Nonprofit City, Manga Productions, Misk Schools, and Ilmi, to further enhance its impact and reach.




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