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King Mohammed VI: Morocco Leads the Way in Tolerance, Religious Freedom

King Mohammed VI has reaffirmed Morocco’s unwavering commitment to foster coexistence, unity, and harmony among its diverse religious communities, positioning the North African country as an example of peaceful interfaith relations in the region.

The monarch made the remarks in a speech delivered by the President of the Moroccan House of Representatives Rachid Talbi El Alami at the Parliamentary Conference on “Interfaith Dialogue: Collaborating for Our Common Future.”

The event, taking place between June 13 and 15 in Marrakech, convenes legislators, religious leaders, and renowned researchers from across the world.

This international conference, initiated under the theme “interfaith dialogue: collaborating for our common future”, reflects the important and multiple roles played by the national legislative institution, which is inspired by the millennial history of the Kingdom, rich in key episodes and strong examples of religious tolerance and coexistence.

“While Islam is the religion of the country, the Moroccan Constitution stipulates that ‘the country guarantees the free practice of religion to all,’” said King Mohammed VI, who has made it his personal responsibility to protect and safeguard the rights of Moroccan Jews and Christians.

Underlining Morocco’s commitment to promote religious moderation and coexistence, the king celebrated the country’s place among the first nations to launch international mechanisms aimed at fostering inter-civilizational dialogue and combating terrorism, radicalism, and extremism.

Morocco has played a key role in the establishment of the World Forum of the Alliance of Civilizations. The ninth session of the forum took place in November 2022 in the Moroccan city of Fez.



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