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Interview with Director Xiao-Dong Li, the Founder of BEST TEAM-China

The BEST TEAM -Take a Healthy Life to 200 Million Chinese Children

Let Every Child Love Sport and Have a Healthy Body

In 2011, Director Xiao-Dong Li, and his team, established BEST TEAM. In 2012, he obtained a master`s degree in physical education from Beijing Sport University. He has served as an expert adviser or visiting professor in many prominent professional organizations and universities such as Chinese Children Physical Fitness Alliance; Nanjing University Dynamic Business Research Center; and Schools of Physical Education, Henan University and Zhengzhou University. As a strong supporter of international events and young scholars, Director Li is the major corporate sponsor of the 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science (APCESS 2024-Kaifeng). This conference is organized by the Asian Council of Exercise & Sports Science (ACESS), Henan University and The Foundation for Global Community Health (GCH) and will be held on 16-19 June 2024. Director Li is also the sole sponsor of the GCH Future Leaders/Volunteers (FLV) program of APCESS 2024-Kaifeng.

For Director Li, preschool physical education began with his teaching career when kids called him a “冬瓜”"Wax-gourd". During his postgraduate study at Beijing Sport University, Director Li participated in a research project related to the improvement of preschool children’s physical health and following that he became a kindergarten physical education teacher. During this research period, "Wax-gourd" brought new vitality to the whole kindergarten through sports and became very popular with the children. The research demonstrated that after a period of sports intervention, children's physical fitness significantly improved. The children's joy of participating in sports and the changes caused by sports have also become the original intention and motivation of Director Li to start a business.

He said, "My life goal is to provide a better physical education program for preschool children".

In 2014, with the original passion for the improvement of preschool children’s physical education, Director Li opened the first JOYKIDS Sports Center in Zhengzhou. By using scientific and technological guidelines integrated into the curriculum, preschool children in the nearby schools and community enjoyed fun and improved their physical health through the well-designed program.

In 2015, Deng Linlin (邓琳琳), the gymnastics champion in Beijing Olympics (2008) and London Olympics (2012), visited JOYKIDS Sports Center and interacted with the preschool children and offered her suggestions of improvement for the course.

In 2016, BEST TEAM established subsidiary companies in Xi'an and Luoyang and introduced its mascot Lion Kevin. In the same year, Sui Lu(眭禄),world gymnastics champion in Croatia World Cup (2009) and Tokyo World Championship (2011), visited the JOYKIDS Sports Center to provide instructional guidance. The company also cooperated with Henan University to conduct research on key projects at the provincial level.

In 2017, BEST TEAM established subsidiary companies in Beijing and Guangzhou. The trademark registration for the JOYKIDS Children's Sports Center under BEST TEAM was successfully completed. During 2017, the company received strategic investment from Huayi Sports. In 2018, the company set up a subsidiary in Shenzhen and joined the "Starry Program" led by the General Administration of Sports of China. This initiative aimed to enable more professional athletes and sport graduates to achieve their goals and excel in their respective disciplines.

In 2019, subsidiary companies were established in Taiyuan and Jinan. During this year, BEST TEAM achieved a milestone by opening more than 200 nationwide sports centers, offering scientific sports and enjoyable courses to large numbers of children across the country. Additionally, Mr. Liwei Wang, the Director of the Youth and Teenagers Department of the General Administration of Sports of China, visited the JOYKIDS Children's Sports Center to provide guidance. Furthermore, the company became a part of the Retired Athlete Guarantee Program initiated by the government, aiming to support and help retired athletes.

In 2020, BEST TEAM established the premium designer brand for children's sports products, known as Joy Goods (卓跃好物). Additionally, the company founded the professional event and camp brand, named Born to Joy (生而卓跃), with a specific focus on developing high-quality professional sports events for children. At the same time, BEST TEAM signed a contract with the Ministry of Education to become the Basic Education Quality Monitoring Center Practice Base. With the opening of the third-generation concept hall, BEST TEAM and its subsidiary JOYKIDS brand comprehensively stepped into the era of 3.0.

In 2021, Chongqing and Chengdu subsidiaries were established. JOYKIDS mascot Lion Kevin 3.0 has been released. BEST TEAM was recognized as the Sports Industry Demonstration Unit in Henan Province for the year 2021.

In 2022, subsidiaries in Hangzhou and Wuhan were established. The celebration of the 8th anniversary of JOYKIDS Children's Sports Center and the global launch event of JOYKIDS Star Youth Basketball were successfully held. The first celebrity TV commercial for this event was released worldwide. BEST TEAM signed a partnership agreement with the Key Laboratory of Sports and Physical Health Education at Beijing Sport University. In addition, the project for the local standard in Henan Province, titled "Construction and Service Specifications for Children's Physical Fitness Institutions," was successfully initiated. BEST TEAM was also honored with the title of "Advanced Sports Collective in Zhengzhou City for 2022."

In 2023, the company engaged in a profound collaboration with a team of experts from the University of Zagreb in Croatia. Furthermore, they appointed Prof. Dr. Ming-Kai Chin, the Founder and President, The Foundation for Global Community Heath (GCH), as a special consultant for the company.

"From a small children's sports center, BEST TEAM has grown into a company with over 1,500 employees with more than 400 sports centers in the country. It provides thousands of athletes and sports graduates with employment and development opportunities. Through our online and offline courses, we have offered scientific sports guidance services to nearly a million children. Today marks just the beginning of a new journey, and we will continue to strive towards our original aspiration of promoting the health and well-being of 200 million Chinese children through sports."

Regarding the future development plans for BEST TEAM, Director Li believes it is essential to recognize the distinctiveness of children physical education in China while also learning from advanced experiences in the field of children physical education across the world. Having deeply cultivated the domestic children's sports education market for many years, BEST TEAM has gained significant insights into the physical fitness of domestic children in various age groups. Currently, the company is actively engaging with more international platforms, aiming to integrate high-quality children’s fitness courses and scientific research on children's physical education with the health conditions of domestic children. By doing this, BEST TEAM plans to initiate a new round of upgrades to its sports course system and coaching methods. This endeavor aims to enable Chinese children to benefit from internationally recognized sports training methods, thereby enhancing the training goals of achieving healthy physical attributes, resilient characters, independent spirits, and noble virtues.


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