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International Webinar onYoga for Healthy Life and Wellbeing

Government College Silwani takes pleasure in welcoming you to the international webinar on “Yoga for Healthy Life and Wellbeing”. Which is going to be held on 24/08/2023.

Yoga for Healthy Life and Wellbeing aims to bring together academicians, students, Physical educationists, Researchers, and learned faculties from different departments on a common platform where they can share their experience.

We welcome you to join us!


Dr. B.D. Kharwar



Dr. Mottakin Ahmed

Sports Officer


Government College Silwani was established in 1989. situated in Silwani Tehshil of Raisen district. running the course humanities and commerce under Barkatullah University. The college boasts the best facilities for sports constructed a new sports ground and provides quality education.


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