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International Research Summer School on Mathematics & Informatics - SRS’23

IT for Security Department & SDF 21 team: Prof. Zlatogor Minchev – head & president, with Stefan Tafkov, PhD candidate joined the 23rd edition of the International Research Summer School on Mathematics & Informatics (SRS’23) at Varna Creativity House of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. During the event they had the valuable opportunity to extend some of the findings of our Secure Digital Future 21 forum from the book “Digital Transformation in the Post-Information Age” towards the year 2050 and the Society 6.0 pros & cons. The event was organized in a hybrid format and included about 50 participants from 12 countries. In this sense, some of the promising young researchers and mentors are sharing their impressions on the digital transformation transcendents in the context of their research works (adding sentient AI, Metaverse, future medical health care, cyber security) and for the SRS’23 event in general.

Prof. Zlatogor Minchev, IT for Security Department, Head & SDF 21, President

“…A really great event! I am participating with the SRS initiative since year 2006, already about 18 years and the young generation always succeed in positively surprising me. This year we are experimenting with the Society 6.0, resulting from our book “Digital Transformation in the Post-Information Age”, where it is expected the AI to become sentient & quantum computers to establish a reality where technologies are supporting people a lot…”

Stefan Tafkov, PhD Candidate, First-year mentor in the field of cybersecurity

"...I am pretty impressed about their talents and about their efforts about what they are doing and how do they want to accomplish their tasks, their projects, their ideas and their future. So, yeah, it's a really nice place where you can find a very intelligent and cool guys..."

Prof. Stanislav Harizanov, Trainer of the Olympic Team of Bulgarian Mathematicians

“…It's a pleasure for me to be here for the seventh year in a row in this summer research school. I'm always very energetic and very positive when I have to be in touch with these young kids and these young talents…”

Gabriela Chavgova, Chancellor & SDF 21 Research Contributor

“…I am for a second year a chancellor and think that this a rather fascinating and challenging event where young researcher & students meet. This year am also trying to give a mentor support in the field of AI. I am quite happy with my first book co-authoring and think that initiatives like SDF 21 cooperation with SRS’ 23 are rather promising for gathering different generations and working about the future…”

Rasul, Azerbaijan

“...My research is a mix of both computer science and health care. In Azerbaijan and many other countries, most of the hospitals can arrange a meeting with their patients, which creates a big problem during the coronavirus. Especially, for example, people cannot leave their houses to get an appointment with a doctor. So, I decided to create a program where you can get an appointment from a doctor, easily pay your bill from that program, postpone your application or postpone your meetings with the doctor or change the time of the meeting... ”

Sophia, UK

“... My project is in informatics about artificial intelligence sent in artificial intelligence prototyping. And the idea is to make an application that will help people learn languages through small games. And the artificial intelligence will help to decide your level and make the game more difficult according to how you respond. And for the future, I'd like to also include a chatbot in it...”

Simeon, Bulgaria

“…I am interested in a lot of things about technology, whether that would be quantum computing or machine learning. But here at SRS am working on another very interesting topic. And that's the topic about the metaphors or how we can build an ecosystem where everything is interacting and everyone can contribute... ”

Arnav, India

“... It's combinatorial problems in computational games I am working on. Basically a subset of game theory that involves, also hitting it with a computer to figure out like, the actual specifics and any patterns within it. What I've done so far is that I've made a few pro written a few programs on a few of the topics and... I ran them and see, if there are any patterns...”

The participants enjoy a lot the nature at the seaside of Bulgaria, appreciating the international environment of students, mentors and chancellors all together at Varna Creativity House of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The event starts on 23rd of July and continues till 12th of August with the project works presentation and assessment.

Global Diplomatic Group extend a huge gratitude to Prof. Zlatogor Minchev, IT for Security Department, Head & SDF 21, President

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