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India’s first woman to win an Olympic medal – Karnam Malleswari

Sourse: Karnam Malleswari (Twitter Photo)

At the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, weightlifter Karnam Malleswari marked her place in Olympic and Indian sports history. As she lifted 110 kg in the “snatch” and 130 kg in the “clean and jerk” for a total of 240 kg, she took the bronze medal and became India’s first woman to win an Olympic medal. She is also the first Indian weightlifter (male or female) to win an Olympic medal.

Malleshwari started her career when she was 12 and was trained under coach Neelamshetty Appanna. Her talent was soon spotted by the Sports Authority of India. In 1990, Malleshwari joined the national camp and four years later, she became the weight-lifting world championship winner in the 54-kg class.

She is honoured with Arjuna award in 1994.

In June 2021, she was appointed as the vice-chancellor of Sports University, established by the government of Delhi.

Sourse: Tribhuvan Tiwari

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