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Huawei Pledges Support for Morocco’s Digital Transformation at E-Health Forum

Huawei Morocco's General Manager David Li speaking at the event

Chinese technology giant Huawei has expressed the company’s commitment to advancing Morocco’s digital transition, particularly in the healthcare sector, during the inaugural International E-Health Forum in Rabat.

The two-day event kicked off on Wednesday at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Rabat, with the participation of key industry players, government officials, and global digital health solution providers to explore groundbreaking strategies and technologies.

Huawei Morocco’s newly appointed General Manager David Li delivered a keynote speech at the event, where he expressed a strong commitment to supporting and driving digital transformation in the country.

Social Impact of Digital Applications

His address focused on the multifaceted value that digitalization brings, touching upon social, economic, industry, and business aspects.

“We set ourselves the mission of supporting and activating the digital transformation for this country … The journey is very unique and brings a very important point for today,” he said.

The General Manager emphasized the social value of digital applications, noting that countries can enhance governance and citizens’ well-being through improved healthcare and education.

“By exploring a diverse range of digital applications, countries can improve their governance and their citizens’ well-being with better healthcare and education,” Li explained.

In addition, he highlighted the economic value of IT investment significantly, saying that it boosts economies, fosters additional industries, and increases overall output.

“Digitalization will become a necessary transition for every country,” Li stressed.

In this respect, he expressed Huawei’s dedication to collaborate in the realm of digital transition, including in the healthcare sector.

“We believe that through partnership, we can drive innovation, sustainable growth, to unlock new opportunities to empower a brighter future,” he said.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

Chief Cyber Security Officer Youssef Ait Kaddour emphasized Huawei’s dedication to cybersecurity and privacy, highlighting the significance of collaborative efforts in the technology space.

“This kind of event is a chance for experts and enthusiasts in technology to meet and collaborate on a platform, encouraging innovation, especially in the expanding domain of healthcare,” he told Morocco World News.

Ait Kaddour further emphasized Huawei’s readiness to contribute to Morocco’s national strategy of digitalization, saying: “We have been operating in Morocco for more than 20 years, aiming to help the country in its digital transition across all sectors, including healthcare.”

He added, “Our attention and mission are to develop the ecosystem here in Morocco and Africa.”

In addition, Ait Kaddour underlined Huawei’s involvement in the development of smart hospitals, leveraging technologies such as 5G and cloud computing.

He also underscored the integration of cybersecurity and privacy requirements in all aspects of Huawei’s operations.

Huawei’s Head of Marketing and Business Strategy Chakib Achour echoed these remarks, emphasizing Huawei’s role in supporting the Moroccan government’s efforts to develop e-Health infrastructure.

“Our contribution is to help the government develop the cloud for e-Health and facilitate data sharing between the Ministry of Health and other ministries,” Achour told MWN.

Huawei’s Commitment to Sharing Expertise

He outlined Huawei’s capabilities, including providing cloud services, managing data centers, and ensuring robust connectivity, all of which are essential pillars to advance digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

Achour highlighted Huawei’s ongoing projects, initiatives, and training programs in Morocco, which aim to share the company’s expertise with the country.

“We are encouraging initiatives to be part of the digital transformation ecosystem in Morocco, focusing on cybersecurity assurance and privacy governance,” he added.

Achour further outlined Huawei’s commitment to developing use-cases specific to Morocco and the African continent, aiming to contributesignificantly to the region’s digital evolution.



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