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‘Hè Rite of Spring’, Miranda Chin’s latest adaptation of Stravinsky’s 1913 ballet for French May.

Hong Kong choreographer Miranda Chin’s adaptation of Stravinsky’s controversial ballet will feature tai chi elements to celebrate cross-cultural exchange

The premiere of the production, entitled Hè Rite of Spring (he means “harmony” in Mandarin) was held on June 10th, 2023 in Cultural Centre Grand Theatre, Hong Kong in the shape of French May Arts Festival. In the reception on the ocassion of the premiere attended diplomats from 25 countries, representatives of the business and artistic circles, connoisseurs of ballet art, a relatives and friends. In his greeting speech Prof. Ming Kai President of the Foundation for Global Community Health, USA said:

"I would like to congrat Dr. Miranda Chin to promote dance and chinesse culture over 40 years locally in Hong Kong and globally around the world!

Prof. Chin put a special accent of her global contribution promoting the chinesse culture among the adolescents. As a scientific advisor of GCH Foundation Dr. Miranda Chin created one of the most popular Brain Breaks in thai chi and Animal Dance for the GCH interactive platform for kids, which supports the 17 SDG goals.

This year marks the 110th anniversary of The Rite of Spring, a ballet that is widely remembered as one of Russian composer Igor Stravinsky’s more controversial works. When it premiered at the Théâtre de Champs-Elysées in Paris in 1913, its dissonant score, pounding rhythms and avant-garde choreography featuring jerky dance movements caused an uproar among the audience, who were used to romantic ballets and the symmetry of classical music.

More than century later, Miranda Chin, Hong Kong choreographer and former vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Dance Federation, made the bold decision to inject martial arts into The Rite of Spring, and have reinterpreted Stravinsky’s work thrice between 2003 and 2023.

Hè Rite of Spring (Photo: courtesy of Miranda Chin Dance Company)

This year’s production, entitled Hè Rite of Spring (he means “harmony” in Mandarin), was created in collaboration with French May, and is a double bill featuring Hè Dancing with the World and The Rite of Spring. The first part explores how tai chi—a style of Chinese martial arts—can be merged with Chin’s modern dance movements and is part of her ongoing exploration on the topic. And the second part is the newest adaptation of The Rite of Spring produced under Chin’s artistic direction, and her latest exploration into the human-nature-and-technology relationship through the ballet.

Hè Dancing with The World: “Bring out the essence of Chinese culture with dances; achieve a healthy future with movements”. Promoting Hong Kong as an international financial centre, and in the long run as a city of culture and wisdom; a balance between material needs and spiritual wellness to enable Hong Kong to achieve harmony and to share this with the world.

After this French May production, Chin has a busy time ahead. Next year, she will take her dancers to France for a cultural exchange programme and she will also continue to promote Chinese culture through dance. Ultimately, she hopes that Hè Rite of Spring and her other productions—which also blend elements of the east and west to reflect modern society’s issues—will keep people interested in dance and how it can help people communicate.

Hè Rite of Spring (Photo: courtesy of Miranda Chin Dance Company)

Creative Team List

Artistic Director / Choreographer: Miranda Chin

Martial Arts Tai Chi Instructor / Advisor: Tsui Siu Ming

Internationally Renowned Qi Dance Health Culture Expert / Guest Dancer: Ke Wen

Music Director: Chan Ming-chi

Arts Tech Audio Visual Team: Mathias Woo and Zuni Icosahedron

Costume Designer: Agnes Chin

Rehearsal Master: Icey Lam Yan Tin

Dancer: Company dancers & the HKAPA School of Dance graduated dancers

Hè Rite of Spring (Photo: courtesy of Miranda Chin Dance Company)





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