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Government Degree College Kathua organized a “Two days International Conference on Health, Fitness, Yoga and Sports Science”

Government Degree College Kathua organized a “Two days International Conference on Health, Fitness, Yoga and Sports Science” on 5-6 th March 2023. It was organized by the Department of Physical Education & Sports in Collaboration with the Foundation for Global Community Health, USA through hybrid mode. On the first day of the conference i.e., 5th March 2024, in the inaugural function, Sh Ravi Shanker Sharma, Special Secretary, Department of Higher Education, UT of Jammu & Kashmir was the chief guest. Dr. Yasmeen Ashai, Director of Colleges, Department of Higher Education, UT of Jammu & Kashmir was the guest of honor. Dr. Ming Kai Chin, President and Founder of the Foundation for Global Community Health, USA was the keynote speaker of the conference. Dr. Geetanjli Andotra (Principal of GDC Ramgarh), Dr. Pragya Khanna(Principal of GLDM College Hiranagar), Dr. Anupama Gupta (Principal, of GDC Marheen), Dr. Sangita Soodan (Principal GDC Mahanpur), Prof. Ramneek Kour (Principal GDC Ramkote), Dr. Twinkle Suri (Principal GDC Samba), Dr. Sujata Salathia (Principal GDC Ghagwal), Dr. Vinod Bakshi(Physical Director, Cluster University, Jammu) were also present in the inaugural function. The inaugural session of the conference began with the lighting of a traditional lamp by the dignitaries and Sarswati Vandana by the students of the college. The formal welcome address was presented by the patron of the conference Prof. Seema Mir, Esteemed Principal of the college. The abstract book of the conference was released by the dignitaries. A cultural program was presented by the students of GDC Kathua showcasing the rich Dogra and Kashmiri culture of the UT.

Eminent speakers Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Director Sports, Osmania University, Hyderabad, President of Internal Federation of Physical Education & Sports Science Association, Dr. G.L.Khanna, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Manav Rachana University, Delhi, Dr. Bala, President, Asian Council of Sports & Exercise Science, Singapore spoke through virtual mode in the conference. They congratulated the college for organizing such a great event and accorded warm wishes for the success of this event. Speaking on the occasion through virtual mode, Sh Ravi Shanker Sharma, Special Secretary, Department of Higher Education, UT of Jammu & Kashmir congratulated the college for organizing this event on health and fitness. He also accorded his best wishes for the success of this event. Dr. Ming-Kai Chin (Prof.) (Founder & President of Foundation for Global Community Health, USA), Founding & Immediate Past President, BRICS Council of Exercise & Sports Science, Keynote speaker of the conference, spoke on the topic “Connecting Holistic Health well being to interactive technology in youth and UNSDG17”.He shared that he has been working with many communities. He stressed the need to link fury to practice. He emphasized that networking is very powerful and it is very important to work to ensure the health well well-being and fitness of the society as a whole. He agreed that GCH will soon sign a MoU with the college to promote health and fitness among the students of colleges of UT of Jammu and Kashmir.

Dr. Yasmeen Ashai, Director of Colleges, Department of Higher Education, UT of Jammu & Kashmir, Guest of Honor of the conference addressed the audience. She congratulated the college and encouraged all the participants to share their insights at the conference. She motivated the students to enrich their knowledge and work on stress management. She emphasized that healthy interaction will empower the students to exchange ideas and gain valuable insights from one another. After her address, the dignitaries were honored with mementos which 3 were followed by a vote of thanks by Dr. J. S. Soodan, organizing Secretary of the conference. Technical Session II (Oral Paper Presentation): The 1st International Conference on Health, Fitness, Yoga, and Sports Science witnessed a convergence of scholarly minds from various corners of the globe, presenting insightful research and exchanging innovative ideas to foster advancements in the field of Health, Fitness and Sports Science. The Technical Session II was chaired by Dr. Geetanjli Andotra, Principal GDC Ramgarh, Dr. Sujata Salathia, Principal GDC Ghagwal, Dr Vinod Bakshi, Director of Sports, Cluster University of Jammu. The chairpersons were felicitated by Dr S.K. Karlupia, Head Department of Geology, and Dr R. K Pandita, Head Department of Zoology. A total of seven oral presentations were presented by national and international faculty members and research scholars from various institutes through blended mode highlighting the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle which was followed by a question-answer session from the delegates. Dr. Archana Bhat, Head Department of Home Science, GDC Kathua presented offline on the topic “Protein Supplements Intake by Male Recreation Gymnasium users in Jammu”. Dr.J.S.Soodan, Physical Director, GDC Kathua delivered an offline lecture on “Use of scientific testing and evaluation”. Dr Arun Dev Singh, Assistant Professor in English, GDC Marheen presented offline on the topic “Language and Sports Promotion”. Mr. Balbir Kumar, Assistant Professor, GDC Dharmari shared his views online on “Economic Impact of health tourism in India”. Mr. Parveen Sharma, Assistant Professor in Computer Applications, GDC Billawar shared his views online on “Integration of Computer Technology in Sports: A comprehensive analysis”. The session concluded with a vote of thanks to the chairing teams. The proceedings of the session were conducted by Ms Rakhi, Assistant Professor in English.

A parallel Poster Presentation session was held in the conference hall of the Administrative Block which was chaired by Dr. Twinkle Suri, Principal GDC Samba and Dr. Anupama Gupta, Principal GDC Marheen, and Co-chaired by Dr. Balbinder Singh, Physical Director GDC Marheen. The session started with honoring the chairpersons by Prof. Sanjeev Gupta, HOD Botany. A total of 22 posters were presented by the student delegates. They expressed their views and thoughts about Yoga, Health, Fitness, and Sports. One could see and feel the enthusiasm that the student delegates had in their presentation. The final judgment was made by the chairpersons. The winners were Miss Kanika (BA Sem IV), Miss Anayna Sharma (B.A. Sem VI), and Miss Savi Verma (B.A. Sem VI). The session concluded with a vote of Thanks to the chairing team. On the second day of the International Conference i.e., 06-03-2024 The second day of the International Conference commenced with an interactive session with faculty members by eminent Global personality and keynote speaker Dr. Ming Kai Chin, President and Founder of the Foundation for Global Community Health, USA. He interacted with the audience about the Whole School, Whole Child (WSCC) Model. He also apprised the audience about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how it is close to WSCC. He discussed that physical activity, sports, and social-emotional health as important components of health and wellness. Dr. Ming urged the faculties and students to work for the community to curb global health issues through awareness. The interactive session was followed by an invited lecture session in which Dr. Olena Yarmoliuk, Vice Dean in Sciences & Management Borys Grinchenko, KYIV University, Ukraine focused on the importance of Artificial intelligence for physical education teachers and the role of physical and sports science on overall well-being. 5 Later, Dr. Zornitza Mladenova, Senior Future Leader/Volunteer of GCH, USA President, Association of Touristic Animators, Sofia/Bulgaria highlighted a holistic approach to physical activity, emotional stability, and nutrition for the attainment of overall well-being. Dr. Zornitza delivered a lecture on “Resilience strategies in line with SDG, Pandemic situations”. She shared the interlink between mental health and physical well-being. She further shed some light on the advantages of AI technology in education like time-saving, adaptive learning, Innovative learning, and lowering barriers. Delivering an invited lecture, Dr. Pinar Yaprak (Assistant Professor) Gazi University, Faculty of Sport Science, Ankara, Turkey presented her research work on “Sports Field, Social Issues and Development: Neglected Cultural Heritage and Reconstructing Future”. She emphasized improving the understanding of social problems and solutions in the sports field. In Technical Session IV, Oral Paper Presentation served as a dynamic platform for fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaboration towards advancing research and practices in the field of Health, Fitness, Yoga, and Sports Science. The session was conducted under the chairmanship of Dr. Pragya Khanna, Principal GLDM Hiranagar, and Dr. Sangeeta Sudan, Principal GDC Mahanpur as chairpersons. Prof. Raj Kiran Sharma, Head Department of Physics, GDC Billawar as Co-chairperson. The dignitaries were felicitated by Prof. S.K.Karlupia, HOD Geology, and Dr. R.K.Pandita, HOD Zoology. Prof Pallavi anchored the session and Dr. Sonika Khajuria reported the proceedings of the session. About 12 scholars and researchers presented their findings on a diverse range of topics. The session started with the presentation of Dr. Neha Mahajan, Assistant Prof. in Biotechnology, GGM Science College Jammu. She presented on the topic Lipid Reduction potential of Psoralea Corylifolia. In her presentation, she talked about obesity, its health causes, risks, and its management. Another presentation was presented by Dr Sourabh Shastri, Senior 6 Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Sciences & IT, Kathua Campus, University of Jammu. He presented on Machine Learning Advancements for performance optimization in diabetes milletus where he discussed diabetes database and how various machine models can be used to control diabetes. Dr. Mohd. Tariq, Lecturer from the Department of Zoology, GDC Kathua presented on “Various menstrual aberrations and their relationship with lifestyle habits in girls of District Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir”.He compared menstrual aberrations with lifestyle and dietary habits and concluded that performing exercise and a clean diet can lead to lessening menstrual aberrations. Dr. Komal Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, GDC Kathua presented the “Effectiveness of mindfulness training in promoting athletic performance: a Systematic review”. In her presentation, she talked about the impact of mindfulness in Sports and how it can improve the performance and mental health of athletes. Dr. Yuvraj Singh Chouhan, a Research Scholar from the Department of Physical Education, Lakshmibai Institute of Physical Education, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh presented online about “Enhancing Health Practices among Sanitary Workers in Municipal Corporations”. Mr. Gaffar Hussain, a Research Scholar from RIMT University Punjab presented online about the “Role of exercise in Stress Management”. Dr. Neha Bandral, Assistant Professor from the Department of Economics, GDC Basohli presented an interesting presentation about “A study of health and sanitation status of selected blocks of Kathua district of JKUT through Gender Lens”. She focused on the health status of Kathua, Barnoti, and Hiranagar blocks of Kathua district through a Gender Lens, with various health indicators reflecting gender parity. Supria Gupta, BBA, GDC Kathua presented on the topic “Emotional Intelligence and Stress at Workplace” where she talked about how to find the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Stress. All the presentations were quite interesting and the participants answered the queries raised during the session. The session concluded with a vote of thanks to the chairpersons. 7 In Technical Session IV of the Second Day of the Conference, a Poster Presentation aimed at fostering discussions and sharing thoughts in the fields of Health, fitness, Yoga, and Sports Science. The session was conducted under the chairmanship of Dr. Nidhi Kotwal, Principal GDC Basohli, and Prof. Ramneek Kour, Principal GDC Ramkote chairpersons. Prof. Raj Kiran Sharma, HoD Physics, GDC Billawar as Co-chairperson. The dignitaries were felicitated by Prof. Sanjeev Gupta, HOD Botany, GDC Kathua, and Prof. Jagdish Kumar, HOD Chemistry, GDC Kathua. Dr. Archana Bhat anchored the session and Prof. Charandeep Handa reported the proceedings of the session. The event proceeded smoothly with each participant presenting their posters eloquently and engaging in fruitful discussions with peers and experts. The diverse nature of topics covered in the Poster Presentations highlighted the Interdisciplinary nature of health, fitness, Yoga, and Sports Science, encompassing areas such as physiology, nutrition, injury prevention, sports psychology, mental health, and holistic wellness practices. The session provided a conducive environment for knowledge exchange among participants from various academic and professional backgrounds. The poster presentations were followed by interactive sessions where renowned experts in the field of health and sports science provided valuable feedback to the students. In Technical Session V of the second Day of the Conference, Dr. Gourav Vaid, Senior Physiotherapist and founder of Swasthya Shastra, Jammu focused on the role of physiotherapy in day-to-day lives, health, and fitness. Throughout his presentation, he aroused the attention of the audience with his experience in the field of Physiotherapy. The session was chaired by Dr. Dinesh Jasrotia, Head Department of Physics, Dr Yauspal Sharma, Head Department of Urdu, Dr. Rahul Sharma, Head Department of Computer Applications, Dr. Neeraj Gupta, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Prof. Jagmohan Sharma, Head 8 Department of Hindi and Prof. Arun Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry. At last, a valedictory session was organised to formally conclude the International Conference in which SSP, Kathua Shivdeep Singh Jamwal was the Chief Guest. In his address, he focused on sports science and nutrition as needs of the hour for overall health. He appreciated the tireless efforts made by the organizing team, Dr. J. S. Soodan, Department of Physical Sciences & Sports Board, and faculty of GDC, Kathua for successfully conducting this conference of international repute. He also congratulated Prof. Seema Mir, Principal, GDC, Kathua for the success of the first international conference of such kind with relevance to all sectors of the community. The conference report was presented by the convener Sports Board, Prof. Shivani Kotwal, Head Department of English, whereas, the formal Vote of thanks was presented by Prof. R. K. Pandita, Head of the Department of Zoology. More than 250 Indian and international delegates, along with renowned speakers from all over the world, attended the International Conference in person, while many additional participants connected virtually. The international conference, the first of this kind in J&K was successful in highlighting the role and essence of sports science, yoga, and nutrition in fitness and overall health of the community in the new post-Covid era.



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