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Global Travelers Interview with Gabriel Genchev-The Secret of a Perfect Photo

"My journey began as a professional football player, dedicating more than 20 years of my life to the sport. Representing Neftochikimich Bourgas, I honed my skills on the field, learning invaluable lessons in teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. Those years of dedication formed the foundation of my character and instilled in me a deep love for the beautiful game.

However, my thirst for knowledge and exploration led me to broaden my horizons beyond football. I delved into the radio and television systems field, completing my school education with a specialization in this fascinating realm of media communication. This journey allowed me to understand the intricacies of broadcasting, production, and technical aspects, providing me with a unique perspective on the power of media.

After that I pursued my passion for physical education, obtaining a bachelor's degree in this field from the renowned National Sports Academy Bulgaria. Armed with this qualification, I embarked on a fulfilling journey as a physical education teacher.

In addition to my involvement in sports and education, I discovered another passion—travel photography. As I ventured through 40 different countries, my camera became my companion, capturing each destination’s beauty, diversity, and stories. The culmination of this recognition came in the form of the prestigious Order of the Presidency of Bulgaria, personally presented to me by President Rumen Radev.

Combining my experiences as a professional football player, my technical knowledge in radio and television systems, my qualifications as a physical education teacher, and my success as a travel photographer."

I have come to appreciate the power of art, sports, and education in bringing people together. Through my work, I strive to bridge cultures, inspire wanderlust, and foster understanding. Gabriel

Photography or traveling was your first inspiration?

The relationship between photography and traveling is a captivating symbiosis, an exquisite dance of inspiration that fuels my creativity and nourishes my soul. It is not a question of one preceding the other, but rather a harmonious fusion of emotions that intertwine to create something truly remarkable.

It all happened naturally about 12-13 years ago, extremely influenced by the beauty of everything around me, during the time I was traveling.

Subsequently, I realized that I have an innate talent for capturing specific moments with the help of my imagination, accompanied by the desire to express myself and my unique perspective on the world.

But it is not just about documenting what I see. It is about immersing myself in the present moment, absorbing the atmosphere, and feeling the pulse of a place. Photography becomes a conduit for my emotions, translating the indescribable beauty and the profound impact of my travels into visual poetry. It allows me to communicate the wonders I encounter, inviting others to experience the world through my lens and sparking their sense of wanderlust.

Your first steps in photography

Everything that is happening right now is a projection of a series of different cases that accompany my life path. In the beginning, it was Geography at school and the Bulgarian National Television show - Atlas, the movies about Indiana Jones and his adventures, the years of democracy in which I grew up, the lack of borders and barriers for moving from one country to another.

Of course, the desire and platform to share our perceptions of the environment in which we live and the places that surround us through the power of social media and the Internet.

Tell us about the challenge to face the Everest

Growing up in a sports family, I have always been driven by the desire to develop my physical qualities and accordingly test the limits and capabilities of my spirit.

The transition was extremely difficult, landing at the most dangerous airport in the world with a sloped runway and only 527 meters long, a 140-kilometer route accompanied by all-day hikes, avalanche-dangerous terrain, sub-zero temperatures - morning and evening up to (-17 degrees) the lack of oxygen and headache caused by high atmospheric pressure.

However, thanks to my motivation and will, on November 12 I was able to climb Everest Base Camp 5364 meters and then successfully attack Mount Kalpatar 5644 meters.

The vision is to look beyond your capabilities, imagine success, feel it, and achieve it.

Often where you come from affects the worldview that people have, sometimes even a lifetime is not enough to fight that frame.

Getting out of your comfort zone and thinking in your head is the recipe for success for me. You only need one thing - to wish for it.

You have visited more than 40 countries, do you have some favorite destination?

Having visited more than 40 countries, I must say that each destination has left a lasting impact on me, touching my soul in unique ways. The beauty of travel lies not just in the places themselves but also in the connections we forge and the experiences we gather along the way. While it is difficult to choose a single favorite among these incredible destinations, I must admit that Barcelona holds a special place in my heart.

Is Photography a hobby or a profession?

To be honest, I try never to call it "Work", maybe I'm afraid that if it turns into one, I'll lose the passion and desire I have to travel and capture everything I see in my way.

I often like to share that the best thing for me is the opportunity to meet all these interesting people and the nature that surrounds them.

I strongly believe that travel is a force for good in the world, inspiring people to explore, learn and respect the culture of others. I hope that this will be quite valuable someday.

Physical Education teacher, a couch, a businessman, a traveler, a photographer... You are a very colorful person! Can you describe yourself in brief?

I am a vibrant and diverse individual, embracing various roles in my life's journey. From being a professional football player to a physical education teacher, a coach, a businessman, a traveler, and a photographer, each facet of my life contributes to the colorful tapestry of my experiences.

Sport has always been an integral part of my life, running through my veins since a young age. As a former professional football player with a bachelor's degree in sports science, the discipline and dedication instilled in me by sports have played a significant role in shaping who I am today. The pursuit of excellence and the constant drive to give my best in every moment is a mindset I carry into all aspects of life.

The experiences gained through sports have provided me with invaluable lessons in teamwork, perseverance, and pushing beyond my limits. These qualities have not only shaped my athletic career but have also influenced my approach to other endeavors, such as photography and business. I am grateful for the way the sport has equipped me with the tools to seek out the best in every moment and to channel my passion into achieving meaningful results.

In summary, I am a person who thrives on the vibrancy of life, embracing diverse roles and finding inspiration in various pursuits.

Sport has been a foundation for discipline and determination, shaping my approach to all endeavors and instilling a deep appreciation for the value of hard work and pushing boundaries.

And my favorite question What's next?

"Next" is the thrilling pursuit of uncharted territories, fueling my passion for exploration and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Traveling, working, shooting... Do you have free time and if yes what are your favorite things to do?

In my free time, I find joy in engaging in physical activities and nurturing my love for sports. Working out and playing football are among my favorite pastimes. The camaraderie and social aspect of team sports provide a valuable opportunity to connect with others, share passions, and create lasting memories. Engaging in these activities allows me to rejuvenate both my body and mind, adding a dynamic balance to my life's pursuits.

The secret to obtaining the perfect photo?

The perfect photo is capturing a moment that can tell a story.


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