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From Brazil with Love - Brazilian Artists Turning Street Graffiti into their Cause

They have left their works on several continents, and their latest work is in Sofia.Its purpose is not only to beautify the urban environment, but also to remind of the friendship between Bulgaria and Brazil.With the colors of Brazil and a touch of Bulgarian folklore, Brazilian artists turned a boring wall of a capital block into a work of art combining two cultures.

"I believe that what the artists created here will stay in time and will remind of a friendship between Bulgaria and Brazil!"
H. E. Maria Eduleuza Fontenele Reis

The work presents a strong personality who carries the mystery of nature. The flame lighting the way to wisdom and seeing beyond the ordinary.

The artists say that they have left part of their art in Egypt, Lebanon, Germany, Canada, the USA, France, and now in Sofia. They take refreshing the gray urban environment as their mission.

"We would like to invite the people of Sofia to enjoy our art... We will be interested to see and hear their point of view from the side of our work."
Robésio Marx
"It is our pleasure to present this work of art, which is a combination of Brazilian spirit and Bulgarian culture.We hope that the residents of Sofia will like this cultural clash!"
H. E. Maria Eduleuza Fontenele Reis

For the artists Robesio and Teresa, this is part of their way of life, namely to leave a piece of themselves and their art in different parts of the world.In support of this, the Ambassador of Brazil announced that Bulgarian artists are yet to visit Brazil with the same goal of supporting street art.


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