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„Forensic sharing the vision" public lecture of Mr. Ariel Karayev at UlSIT

On February 8, the public lecture "Forensic Sharing the Vision" was presented at the Faculty of Information Sciences at the University of Library Science and Information Technology (UlSIT). The presenter was Eng. Ariel Karayev. He is a Strategic Account Expert in International, Solutions Engineering, Cellebrite and has over 20 years of experience in the Cyber, Networking & Telecom industries.

Cellebrite is the leader in digital intelligence and investigative analytics, partnering with public and private organizations to transform how they collect, review, analyze, and manage data in investigations to protect and save lives, accelerate justice, and ensure data security.

The use of Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence Platform is governed by an agency’s standard operating procedures (SOPs). It provides features such as selective extraction, hashing, hardware usage data, permission access to data, and an audit trail identifying how and when digital data is used.

Protecting Data Privacy is Core to Their Mission!

Cellebrate is a leader in smartphone hacking and forensics software. Their smartphone research software is used by almost every special service in the world, including and from Bulgaria.

Cellebrate specialists decrypted the phone of the San Bernardino, California shooter in 2016 when Apple refused to do so.

The full video of the lecture:


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