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CodersTrust's Chairman Aziz Ahmad "The Common Good in the Digital Age!"

At the Vatican Conference sponsored by Pope Francis delivering the speech on ''The Common Good in the Digital Age''

Aziz Ahmad is an award-winning entrepreneur, CEO, Technology architect and philanthropist dedicated to the application of technology for increasing efficiencies, democratizing educational access – and the betterment of humanity. He speaks internationally, with recently presentations including Davos WEF, the European Parliament on AI’s impact on Europe’s future, and at the Vatican as the guest of Pope Francis where he was a keynote speaker on the future of work.

Mr. Ahmad is a rising thought-leader on the evolving next global economy based not on geography or class, but on equal opportunity for all based on digital access, shared values, intelligent quality control and raw desire.

As a seasoned Technology Entrepreneur Mr. Ahmad has founded multiple ventures of global impact. His most recent endeavor is CodersTrust, an organization that was founded with the vision to democratize global access to education and opportunity via the use of internet platform that delivers the intelligent support of human mentors.

Aziz Ahmad has achieved his dream of empowering some of the less-privileged, the underserved and the under-employed with the necessary digital skills to thrive in the employment marketplace.

For the last two decades Aziz has also served as Founder, President and CEO of UTC Associates, Inc., an award winning leading Business, Systems and Network Integration company he founded in 2001. During late 1990s Aziz was the lead architect for AT&T's 21st century networks. He also directed AT&T's Next Generation Internet (NGI) Team/Consortium, which was created to research, develop and demonstrate next generation broadband access based on IP and Multi-wavelength optical technology.

Mr. Ahmad holds B.E. and M.E. degrees in Electrical Engineering from The City College of New York (CUNY) and an Executive Management program from Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College.

Highlights of the lastest achievements of Mr. Aziz Ahmad

Aziz Ahmad presents CodersTrust in WEF Davos 2023

CodersTrust, a global ICT Skills development Institute and UTC Associates, (UTC), a leading technology consulting company located in Wall Street, Manhattan and Dhaka, Bangladesh announced its CEO and Founder Aziz Ahmad participated in the recent Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) lab in WEF in Davos. The program focuses on various aspirations of the SDG which was agreed to by 193 heads of states in NY during the UN General Assembly 25th Sep 2015 to be implemented by their respective countries by December 2030.

Mr. Ahmad was invited by the former Senior Advisor of the UN Director General Michael Moller, who is now head of the UNGSII Foundation, to present to a selected group of thought leaders from governments, business, science and media about the lighthouse solution Ahmed had established as "CodersTrust", an ICT training institute founded in 2014.

CodersTrust as the attendees of SDG Lab 2023 in Davos

" We witnessed tens of thousands of young male and female graduates who came from underprivileged, underserved and marginalized communities who had the opportunity to learn career building skills from CodersTrust and are making a living in the global markets," said Mr. Ahmad

Aziz Ahmad, Co-Founder and Chairman of CodersTrust and CEO of UTC Associates presenting at United Nations

“We need to embrace all technology advancements with a clear understanding on digital good and digital bad and address the digital divide by reducing gaps in the society at large,” said Aziz Ahmad, Co-Founder and Chairman CodersTrust and CEO of UTC Associates, Inc. at a recent technology seminar held at the United Nations in New York City.

Aziz Ahmad is a globally renowned technology innovator, entrepreneur, and speaker. He recently presented at a seminar on “Data Collection and Distribution Process as Enablers for the Exercise of Human Rights” held at United Nations Headquarters in New York organized by the United Nations University for Peace as a side event in observance of World Press Freedom Day 2023.

Peace and prosperity can be ensured by enhancing the technology skills among the youths so that they can become the resources instead of becoming the burden of the society, Ahmad underscored.

The Bangladeshi-American technology investor joined the discussion with Jayashri Wyatt, Chief of the Education Outreach Section, Outreach Division, Department of Global Communications, United Nations, Amy Larsen, Director, Strategy and Management at Democracy Forward, Microsoft, Dr. Chris Wiggins, Chief Data Scientist, New York Times and Professor at the Data Science Institute, Columbia University and Dr. Mona Sloane, Senior Research Scientist & Associate Professor, NYU Center for Responsible AI as the panelists.

Renowned UN diplomat and communication expert Ramu Damodaran moderated the seminar while Juan Carlos Sainz Borgo, Vice President of University for Peace, was in the chair.

The speakers emphasized their concern about the spread of hate speech and privacy violations in the name of technology advancement.

“I think we should embrace the technology innovation over innovation but need to ensure a balance in terms of freedom of speech and access to information and see how we can come up with the policy to address the bad elements and bad actors like hackers, even the country sponsored hackers, in the arena of digital technology,” said Ahmad.

In the wake of severe underemployment, unemployment across the Globe, Ahmad founded CodersTrust to provide relevant skill sets among youth so that they can earn a living from the global market from anywhere they live, he informed the seminar.

Aziz Ahmad was invited as a global thought leader on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to participate in a special session of the Renew Europe Members of the European Parliament event

UTC Associates, Inc. (UTC), UTC Associates, Inc. (UTC), a leading business technology consulting company with its primary location in midtown Manhattan, announced their CEO Aziz Ahmad was invited as a global thought leader on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to participate in a special session of the Renew Europe Members of the European Parliament event. The event held in Brussels on November 20th was a continuation of the conversation initiated by Pope Francis earlier in the year, where Mr. Ahmad was also a participant.

"I was honored to receive an invitation to speak by MEP Dragos Tudorache for a high-level consultation on the future of Artificial Intelligence in the European Union (EU) and beyond." Said Aziz Ahmad CEO of UTC Associates and a co-founder of CodersTrust "To join other prestigious thought leaders including MEP Stéphane Sejourné, Fr. Augusto Zampini, Vatican, MEP Andrus Ansip, former Prime Minister of Estonia, MEP Dacian Ciolos, Former Prime Minister of Romania, among others, is quite an honor."

The event held at European Parliament in Brussels included round table discussions and reception to "celebrate building an ever-closer digital Union" at Sofitel hotel where global technology and political leaders discussed the key issues facing the world as a result of AI.

The rapid transformation of the utilization of Artificial Intelligence embedded in almost every aspect of business and life. Mr. Ahmad emphasized having a framework to make sure we utilize AI at its fullest potential for the betterment of humanity and social good. The structure must include skill-readiness, governance, and compliance metrics as well as consider global adoption and equitable distribution globally. He added that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) should be the guardrail for our endeavor into AI deployment for strategic achievement with five and ten-year target goals.

"While more and more countries within the European Union are joining together on this topic, we need to stay to focus on developing nations and their ability to contribute to the AI global strategy offering skilled resources and providing a broader geographic echo system. It ensures innovation considers all who may be impacted and establishes guidelines for the EU, as progress made, and solutions get developed." Said Aziz "Overall, it was a great experience and a great step forward by European leaders.

World Green Energy Symposium (WGES) Council, Ambassadors and Partners Proudly Announce Mr. Aziz Ahmad, a 2022 WGES NOVA Recipient

The World Green Energy Symposium (WGES) Council, Ambassadors and Partners announce Mr. Aziz Ahmad, CEO and Founder of UTC Associates and Co-Founder of CodersTrust the 2022 WGES NOVA Award Recipient.

The WGES NOVA award is presented to those who have made outstanding contributions in clean energy or sustainable innovations in existing energy technologies based on actual case studies. This year WGES also celebrates and highlights individuals and organizations who have shown exemplary leadership, innovation, and commitment to solving societal inequities through sustainable and educational solutions.

CodersTrust is a purpose-driven, global skill development and IT training organization. It was created with a desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of the underprivileged, disadvantaged, and underserved population. Mr. Ahmad states that more than 80,000 students so far have gone through CodersTrust.

"The youth, especially the female community, who struggle to find a comfortable living, is our prime concern. The vision of CodersTrust is to provide technical and soft-skill training for students/trainees in the global south and emerging markets. We believe, if we can facilitate the right tools for teaching skills that are out of their reach, they will have an opportunity and a real chance to join the global workforce. Our primary focus is on a sustainable, technology-based training platform," according to Mr. Ahmad.

Mr. Ahmad is globally known for his commitment to sustainability and the greater good. He is highly respected and admired by his colleagues and students alike.

"WGES is proud to add Mr. Ahmad to the roster of past recipients of the NOVA Award. He is an influencer and a game changer." Stated Professor Robert Gallagher, Executive Chairman of the WGES Council.

About CodersTrust:

CodersTrust is a global EdTech-based workforce development and skill-oriented education provider currently serving over 2300+ academic institutions in 15+ countries covering K-12 STEM, coding and robotics to professional skills and advanced technology skills for the digital era. CodersTrust mission is to transform underprivileged, disadvantaged, and marginalized communities, especially youth and women, into skilled professionals and connect them with work opportunities to enable financial independence and economic growth at a global scale. CodersTrust has developed a sustainable and scalable market-based model for providing skill-focused training to millions of youths worldwide, resulting in employment, upward social mobility, and durable social impact.

About UTC Associates:

UTC Associates, Inc. (UTC) is a solutions-based leading business and technology consulting firm focusing on key aspects of technology modernization, application development, design, testing, implementation, managed support and services, in the area of IT Modernization, Cyber Security, Cloud transformation and DevOps.

We are GSA approved, Minority certified company since 2001 expanding from Northeast to mid west to Atlanta to silicon Valley in west coast.

We help clients enhance productivity by optimizing vital business functions so they work quicker, faster and most cost effectively. We offer a broad range of services tailored to clients’ needs, from consulting services, to software development, to security support, to system integration.


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