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Coders Trust Discussion Skills Development with SDG team in Davos

CodersTrust, a global EdTech company, is dedicated to fostering a skilled human workforce, imagining a future where millions of young individuals actively participate in the global job market or pursue entrepreneurship. Our goal is to assist in establishing a sustainable economic base by providing digital skills training in Bangladesh and on the global stage.

In fostering a shared responsibility towards Bangladesh, the USA, and the world, addressing critical issues such as hunger, clean water, education, and workforce development is of paramount importance.

CodersTrust is determined to address almost all global issues of the 17 SDGs directly or indirectly.

Highlights of the speech of CodersTrust's Chairman Aziz Ahmad

Having experienced the challenges of growing up in poverty in Bangladesh, attaining higher education in the USA, and leading technology and digital transformation in the 90s, I deeply understand the significance of resilience and the value of relevant skills. My journey has underscored the importance of overcoming obstacles and leveraging one's capabilities.

It's disheartening to acknowledge that over 2 billion people lack access to safe water, while more than a billion struggle for food daily, and over 2 billion lack digital access. Bangladesh, unfortunately, is not exempt from these challenges. In this context, CodersTrust is playing a transformative role in changing lives.

Through digital skills training, CodersTrust is empowering individuals, enabling them to become valuable contributors to the digital workforce. This initiative goes beyond technical proficiency; it represents an opportunity for people to break free from the cycles of poverty and gain access to broader economic opportunities.

 In addressing the digital divide and offering skills that are relevant in today's global landscape, CodersTrust is making a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals who might otherwise be marginalized. This approach aligns with the urgent need to bridge gaps and create a more inclusive, digitally connected world.

Training over 100 thousand students is a commendable achievement, surpassing government efforts. However, recognizing that there's more work to be done, it's crucial to extend our reach further. By proactively engaging underemployed and unemployed youths globally, we can empower them with the skills needed to swiftly integrate into the global economy. This commitment reflects a dedication to fostering economic inclusivity and ensuring that growth opportunities are accessible to a broader spectrum of individuals.

"Let's unite and collaborate, not just for our generation but also for the well-being and opportunities of the generations to come, including our children. Together, we can create a positive and lasting impact on the future!"
Aziz Ahmad


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