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Bulgarian Stefka Kostadinova's 36-Year-Old World Record in Women's High Jump

Sourse: Gulf News

One of the longest-standing world records in modern athletics was set by a Bulgarian 36 years ago on this date. Stefka Kostadinova is the reigning world record holder in the women's high jump at 2.09 m, which she jumped during the 1987 World Championships in Athletics in Rome. Kostadinova has been recognized as one of the world's best athletes of all time.

Stefka Kostadinova was one of the world's leading high jumpers for about a decade. She first came to prominence in 1985, winning the World Indoor title and ranking #1 in the world for the year. In 1986 she equalled her compatriot Lyudmila Andonova's world record, bettering it to 2.08 m several days later. At the 1987 World Championships, she improved the record further to 2.09 m, a performance that is unsurpassed as of 2010. During her career, Kostadinova won two world championships (1987 and 1995), one European gold (1986), five indoor world titles (1985, 1987, 1989, 1993 and 1997) and the 1996 Olympic gold medal, after having finished second at the 1988 Games and fourth in Barcelona 1992. Kostadinova was world-ranked in the top 10 for 13 years, from 1984-97, missing only 1990, and was ranked #1 in the world six times – 1985-88, 1993, and 1996.

Stefka Kostadinovahas become the first ever-woman chair of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee (BOC) in 2005.

Sourse: Nov Sport

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of her world record, Kostadinova said, as quoted by the BOC:

"Over the years, those 2.09 m have become something of a trademark for me, something of a symbol which stands as testimony to human ability. But the world record is not mine alone. It belongs to Bulgaria [...] The achievement was also made possible by the other very strong Bulgarian female high jumpers."



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