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Bulgarian Presidency of the Balkan Libraries Association

In the shape of "The 2nd Balkan Countries International Symposium on Interlibrary Information and Document Management and Cooperation" Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu, Rector of Trakya University presented the flag of the Term Presidency of the Balkan Libraries Association Assoc. Prof. Dr. Iskra Tsvetanska who was the representative of the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (ULSIT).

The symposium was hosted by Trakya University, in cooperation with Trakya University Library and Documentation Department, Bartın University, Balkan Libraries Association, State Archives Presidency, TIKA, and the Turkish Librarians' Association.

Balkan Libraries Union (BLU) was founded on 29 July 2009 with the participation of 10 institutions from 6 Balkan countries.

The general aim of BLU is to assist any type of library in the Balkans to become a functional network across national boundaries to ensure the preservation of the Balkan's cultural heritage, to improve access to collections in Balkan libraries, and to provide more efficient library information services in the Balkans.

The opening of the symposium was attended by Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu, Rector of Tuzla University Prof. Dr. Nermina Hadzigrahic, Rector of Canadian Institute of Technology (Çıt) University Prof. Dr. İsmail Kocayusufoğlu, Rector of Tetovo University Prof. Dr. Jusuf Zejneli, Former Rector of Trakya University Prof. Dr. Yener Yörük, Former Rector of Sofia University Prof. Dr. Ivan Ilchev, Vice-Rectors Prof. Dr. Osman Nuri Hatipoğlu, Prof. Ahmet Hamdi Zafer, Prof. Dr. Metin Aydoğdu, Symposium Chairperson Prof. Dr. Nurten Çetin, Head of Library and Documentation Department of Trakya University, deans, directors, many academicians and students from Turkey and abroad attended.

After a moment of silence and the singing of the National Anthem, the symposium started with the concert of the Balkan Symphony Orchestra conducted by Vice Rector Prof. Ahmet Hamdi Zafer and continued with the viewing of the promotional film of Trakya University.

Speaking at the opening of the symposium, Chairman of the Symposium, Prof. Dr. Nurten Çetin, Head of Library and Documentation Department of Trakya University, stated that the establishment of the Balkan Libraries Association was aimed at the international symposium titled Information-Document Management and Cooperation between Balkan Countries hosted by Trakya University in 2008 and that this union was established in 2009 under the leadership of Trakya University. Gave. Prof. Dr. Nurten Çetin also thanked everyone who contributed to the symposium and wished it to be a productive symposium.

In his speech, President of the Presidential State Archives Prof. Dr. Uğur Ünal gave information about librarianship and archiving and said, "In the last ten years, we have carried out very important collaborations with Balkan countries in archiving. Significant progress has been made in the identification of historical documents in the Balkans and their digitization, classification, and restoration. This historical heritage belongs to all of us. It is a common value for all of us. We see that a document, a record in North Macedonia is related to our people in Anatolia. In the same way, we see that a registry in Albania is somehow related to our country. In this context, we have recently digitized approximately 150 thousand documents in the archives in North Macedonia. Likewise, we have digitized approximately 600,000 records in Albania. We have opened a significant part of them to research in the Ottoman archives. We continue our cooperation with all kinds of cooperation, especially with the Balkan countries," he said and thanked everyone who contributed to the realization of this symposium.

Rector Prof. Dr. Erhan Tabakoğlu started his speech by giving information about Edirne and Trakya University and said, "When it comes to a university from Turkey in the Balkans, the first thing that comes to mind is Trakya University, and when it comes to the Balkans in Turkey, we are working to ensure that Trakya University is the first thing that comes to mind as a university. The Balkan Universities Association has a very important place among the activities of Trakya University for the Balkans. The studies, which started under the name of Balkan Universities Network during the time of my teacher Enver Duran, are called the Balkan Universities Association during the time of my teacher Yener Yörük. During our tenure, we continue to expand this environment of friendship and togetherness. The Museum of the Union of Ministers and Universities, which we opened yesterday, is one of the important steps towards the institutionalization of this union. Today, we came together at a special meeting of libraries in the Balkans. We wanted to bring together libraries and archives in the Balkans, to enable them to create a network among themselves and to establish a communication environment. It is a very good union and we will continue our work without slowing down for the growth and development of this union. We are going through a process that started with Mr. Ender, continued with Recep Zogo, and now gained great momentum with my teacher Nurten." and thanked everyone who contributed to the realization of this symposium, especially Prof. Dr. Nurten Çetin.

After the opening, the opening of the "Balkan Libraries Document Exhibition in the Ottoman State Period" was held in the foyer of the Balkan Congress Center.

Within the scope of the symposium, 51 papers, 2 panels, and poster presentations were made in 19 sessions.



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