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Bulgarian Elite Celebrates the Birthday of Prof. Stoyan Denchev

In the Ceremonial Hall of ULSIT on February 12, Prof. Denchev gathered Bulgaria's elite on his 71st anniversary. This event was a celebration of spirituality, knowledge, and wisdom. On this exceptional day, he brought together politicians, artists, culture and education, mayors and regional governors, rectors, representatives of libraries, experts in finance and national security, and teachers on behalf of Mrs. Yanka Takeva.

For 3 hours, the elite of Bulgaria expressed their recognition of the activity and personality of Prof. D.S. Stoyan Denchev – scientist, public figure, diplomat, and the most successful rector among the rectors in Bulgaria, who founded the University of Library Science and Information Technologies, raising the State Library Institute to a prestigious university. Stoyan Denchev continues to be a pillar of the university in his capacity as chairman of the board of trustees. Prof. D.S. Irena Peteva, second-term rector of the university with some of the young professors, handed over an open ticket to the business class, not forgetting to note the inimitable elegance of the professor, who has the habit of always traveling by plane with a bow tie as the dress code.

The mood was lifted by the angelic voice of Iliya Lukov and the short but painfully frank and heartfelt speech of top journalist Valeria Veleva. She greeted Prof. Denchev with a single definition:

One of the few disappearing BULGARIANS!

The top journalist added a new word to the dictionary of the Bulgarian language, the meaning of which deservedly belongs only to Prof. Denchev:

STATE CREATOR - a man with Bulgarian in his soul and blood!

According to him, it was difficult for the creator and artist (and sometimes a politician) to speak afterward, but what he said to the professor was more than wisdom synthesized over the years:

FRIEND - a person who keeps your friends!

Such events are a celebration of spirituality, evidence of this was the gifts of art, speech, and knowledge. The "Treasury of Templar Legends", the last book of Major General Rumen Ralchev, was the gift that caused noble envy among the guests.

Dr. Zornitsa Mladenova, a representative of the Global Diplomatic team and one of the mentors of the International Leaders in Science program of the Foundation for Global Community Health, USA, modestly congratulated Prof. Denchev with the following lines:

Spirituality is a gift!

It's not for everyone...

Spirituality is a fate,

a cross chosen to bear alone...

Spirituality is meaning and timelessness,

 which you most painfully saw...

But this path was chosen by you...

It will forever burn...

there in the young souls,

 you warmed with knowledge, morality, and light...

Congratulatory letters:

Mr. Petar Gendov - Mayor of the city of Elhovo

Prof. Hristo Hristov - Mayor of Shumen Municipality

Mr. Krastyu Krastev, Minister of Culture

Prof. Galin Tsokov, Minister of Education and Science

National Board of Tourism - signed by Mr. Krasimir Gergov, Dr. Polina Karastoyanova, and Assoc. Prof. Martin Zahariev

Major General Todor Dochev, Commander of the "Georgi Stoykov Rakovski" Military Academy

Mr. Plamen Tonchev, Chairman of the National Security State Agency

Turkish Airlines

Mr. Plamen Kolev, National Special Intelligence Devices Control Bureau

Prof. Petar Stefanov, Central Cooperative Union

Prof. Veselin Tselkov, Commission for the Protection of Personal Data

Mr. Biser Borisov, State Agency "Technical Operations"

Student Council at ULSIT

Assoc. Prof. Ana Djumalieva, Commission for Protection from Discrimination

Mr. Anton Slavchev, Bulgaria’s Committee for Combating Corruption and The Confiscation of Illegally Acquired Property

Mr. Boyan Angelov, Union of Bulgarian Writers


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