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Bulgaria Celebrates 146th Anniversary of Liberation Day

On the 3rd of March, Bulgaria celebrates its national liberation from almost 500 years of Ottoman rule.

On this date in 1878, the Peace Treaty of San Stefano (a small town near Istanbul) was signed, which put an end to the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 and marked the re-establishment of Bulgaria as a sovereign state.

3rd of March was honored for the first time in 1880, on the occasion of the Enthronement of Russian Emperor Alexander the Second. Since 1888, it has become Bulgaria’s Day of Liberation, but it was not declared a National Holiday until 1978.

With a Parliamentary Decree from 1990, the 3rd of March was included in the list of Bulgaria’s official holidays.

As part of the tradition, every year, solemn ceremonies along with cultural shows and street parades are held throughout the country, particularly in cities and towns, where key battles took place in the Russo-Turkish War. During the ceremonies, a list of names is read out in remembrance of those who gave their lives in the fight for independence, followed by firework displays.

Wreaths and flowers are laid at monuments that symbolize the liberation.



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