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Brand Bulgaria 2024 – The Modern Story of Culture and Tourism

The discussion "Brand Bulgaria 2024 - The Modern Story of Culture and Tourism" was dedicated to the image of our country in national and international communication, which took place in Sofia on January 30, 2024. The forum was organized by the National Board of Tourism, Society "Cultural Heritage "- Europa Nostra's partner for Bulgaria, the national media "Standard" in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Culture, and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.

The Minister of Tourism Zaritsa Dinkova and the Minister of Culture Krastyu Krastev, representatives of the legislative and local authorities, the scientific community, the non-governmental sector, and the media participated in the discussion.

Highlights of the new vision for Brand Bulgaria

Over the past 20 years, our efforts have been focused precisely on today, when "Brand Bulgaria" is already listed as one of the three main priorities of our country, along with the accession to Schengen and the Eurozone, said Dr. Polina Karastoyanova, Executive Director of the Association "National Board of Tourism".

"To establish "Brand Bulgaria" into a national goal - big and beautiful, motivating and inspiring, capable of uniting, creating development for society and pride for every Bulgarian citizen!"
Dr. Polina Karastoyanova

After three years of work on the "Brand Bulgaria" cause, after three international forums, and a dozen regional forums, "Brand Bulgaria" is no longer an imaginary, but received its concrete dimension in the words of the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Maria Gabriel, who placed it as one of priorities for the cabinet," said Mrs. Slavka Bozukova, editor-in-chief of "Standart" and chairman of the "Cultural Heritage" society, during the discussion. "Brand Bulgaria" is the Bulgarian dream that we want to realize. That idea of ours about our worthy performance in the development of human civilization. That modern narrative of our millennial presence in our history", said Bozukova.

Innovation is the engine of new beginnings. Brand Bulgaria is a challenge for science to create and train young people not only as specialists to work with artificial intelligence but also as professionals in preserving historical memory!
Slavka Bozukova

Dr. Martin Zahariev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association "National Board of Tourism" proposed to create a "Brand Bulgaria" directorate under the specialized administration of the Council of Ministers, which directly performs management functions. The purpose of today's event is to start a conversation about the expeditious realization, immediately after the rotation, of active actions for the realization of the "Brand of Bulgaria", stated the time frame Zahariev.

Building such a brand is not only a communication task, but rather it should become an institutional decision of the government!
Dr. Martin Zahariev

"We have to work together on the content, not the picture. It is for this content that our government works as a priority when we raise the standard of living of the people when we create a stable and successful economy, then we will have a successful brand", said the Minister of Tourism Mrs. Zaritsa Dinkova.

Minister Dinkova emphasized that the competition in the Tourism sector is increasing, and the basis of this competition is innovation and new approaches, as well as local communities.

"That's why I admire very much the approach of Deputy Prime Minister Maria Gabriel, which is based on creating commitment to tourism in every single institution. The brand is a combination of the entire economy!"
Zaritsa Dinkova


The dialogue about "Brand Bulgaria" provides a unique opportunity to discover our dreams related to the riches of our small but extremely interesting country. In this invaluable dialogue, we trust our local instincts as well as inspiration from good world examples in building a country's identity.
Krastyu Krastev, Minister of Culture


"Brand Bulgaria" is a collection of different elements - tradition, history, economy. Therefore, it is important to work together, to impose this brand today, so that it works for our country tomorrow!
Nikolay Pavlov, Deputy Minister of Economy

A completely new idea for one of the directions of development and connection of our country with "Brand Bulgaria" was proposed by Mrs.Tsvetelina Borislavova, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Bulgarian-American Credit Bank and one of the founders of the "Cultural Heritage" Society. 

Water - drinking, medicinal, mineral, water as a source of green energy - this is a future that Bulgaria deserves. Our entire country lies on waters of different content and quality, which is favorable not only for tourism but also for environmental protection. Water is the source of the green hydrogen fuel, said Mrs. Borislavova.

Let's connect "Brand Bulgaria" with the unique diversity and possibilities of our waters!
Tsvetelina Borislavova

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Tourism Mrs. Erten Anisova stated that, in her opinion, "Brand Bulgaria" should provide the recognizable elements - the symbols, the signs that will leave a lasting impression on the tourist, the memory of Bulgaria - from the Bulgarian rose, embroidery and carpet through the Thracian treasures and sanctuaries, to the feasts according to old recipes of the various ethnic groups in our country, which cannot be tasted anywhere else, to the unique wines. According to her, this syncretic image of Bulgaria can be built and promoted only with the joint efforts of all of us.

There is a need for both legislative changes and state action such as institutional linkages and interactions.
Erten Anisova

Mr. Boiko Vassilev, a Bulgarian top journalist stressed how is important to have appropriate content in the brand and how difficult is to create it.

The amazing Bulgarian cult of education should be part of Brand Bulgaria!
Boiko Vassilev

The Vice-President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Maria Mincheva, pointed out that to build the brand, it is important to work in synergy with both the tourism industry and the municipal authorities, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. She pointed out that it is necessary to put aside the negative talk and media campaigns about how bad the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is and to focus more on the possibilities of our country in tourism.

Prof. Stoyan Denchev, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Library Science and Information Technology and Chairman of the control board of the Association "National Board of Tourism" closed the first part of the discussion sharing his enormous erudition and experience.

Asked the question of how old manuscripts can become part of the future, Prof. Denchev pointed out that "Besides the manuscripts, we must pay attention to the books. In 1960, the oldest old printed book in Bulgaria, the Apostle of Enin, was discovered in the town of Enina. In addition to digitization, our university, together with the Diplomatic Institute under the leadership of Mrs. Tanya Mihailova, a modern leader of Brand Bulgaria, also carries out ecological disinfection of the books, so we preserve them for future generations.

The brand comprises the past, the present, and the future!, said Prof. Denchev, making the relations with an illustrative example of our historic legacy and the prominent figure from the Bulgarian present.

Prof. Denchev shares one interesting fact during his visit to UNESCO to sign the MoU for collaboration with the University of Library Science and Information Technology. Mrs. Irina Bokova, Former director general of UNESCO presented to Prof. Denchev the book The Memory of the World which contains only one not-so-prominent artifact of Bulgaria.

Now our mission is to keep the memory of the world and to promote, the modern achievements of our country, and as a foundation we have to put the intellect of the Bulgarian!
Prof. Stoyan Denchev


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