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African Focus Group strengthens continental anti-terrorism efforts

The African Focus Group within the International Coalition to Counter ISIS, chaired by Morocco and including the United States, and Saudi Arabia jointly affirmed their commitment to coordinating aid for civilians involved in the fight against terrorism in Africa.

The 28 Coalition members said they aim to strengthen anti-terrorism efforts among African member countries of the coalition against ISIS.

In their collective statement, the participants highlighted the ongoing threat posed by ISIS-affiliated groups to West African communities. They outlined the group’s initiatives, which involve strengthening border security, countering ISIS propaganda and recruitment, fostering community resilience, and enhancing the capabilities of coalition members. These measures aim to curb ISIS’s illegal financing and address factors limiting counter-terrorism endeavors.

The statement further confirmed the commitment of the African Group members to share and develop best practices, aiding partner countries seeking assistance in combating terrorism. The four leading countries emphasized the international coalition’s steadfast dedication to confronting ISIS in West Africa and globally.

“Participants in the Cotonou meeting reaffirmed both the importance of ongoing frank and open exchanges and that Africa Focus Group members would continue to share and develop best practices to build partner capacity and assist those countries seeking assistance in countering terrorism” said a statement from the group.

The agenda of the D-ISIS Coalition Africa Focus Group involved coordinating with other multilateral initiatives and receiving updates from Coalition partners involved in or leading the Accra Initiative, the G-5, the Coalition for the Sahel, and the Aqaba Process. Additionally, the Coalition observer UNOCT provided information about the planned Africa summit scheduled for the spring of 2024, which aims to complement international efforts in countering ISIS affiliates in Africa.



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