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Africa Day 2023 - 60th Anniversary

Africa Day is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of African countries and the progress made so far in terms of economic and social development, which can only be resolved through cooperation, solidarity and unity.

The African Continent, which has considerable economic potential and a rich, young and dynamic human capital, is also a continent rich in cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity. It is a continent where ancient traditions coexist with modern influences. African peoples have a rich history, dating back thousands of years. They have survived considerable challenges and obstacles over the years, but have managed to preserve their culture, heritage and legacy.

The Ambassador of Morocco H.E. Ms. Zakia El Midaoui and Vice President Iliana Yotova opened the program for the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Africa Day. The African ambassadors and heads of missions accredited to the Republic of Bulgaria of Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and South Africa and the honorary consuls representing Ethiopia, Mauritius and Seychelles had the honor together with the vice President to announce the celebration of «Africa Day» on May 27, in front of the Ivan Vazov National Theater.

Politicians, cultural figures, diplomats, and representatives of the diplomatic corps, as well as the public were kindly invited to take part in this unforgettable celebration in the center of the capital.

Visitors had the incredible opportunity to try different African dishes and drinks, immerse themselves in the fragrance of their perfumes and essential oils, add to their wardrobe the specificity of African fashion, feel the diversity and authenticity of the cultures of this young, vibrant, and culturally diverse continent.

The musical-artistic program was opened with the stellar participation of the voice man Krasimir Avramov. The focus of the program was the creation of a cultural bridge between Africa and Bulgaria through the timeless values of art. More than 100 participants showed their artistic and musical skills on stage. The culmination of the event gathered the ambassadors, honorary consuls, and all participants on stage as a symbolic hope for a sustainable and peaceful future of the planet with the song «We are the World» !

The hosts of the event were Dr. Zornitsa Mladenova and Mrs. Gergana Stoyanova. The participating countries express special thanks to the organizers Teodora Breme and Zornitsa Mladenova, to all the creative directors and participants, to the enthusiasm of the audience, without whom this celebration would not be the same!

Speech of The Ambassador of Morocco H.E. Ms. Zakia El Midaoui

Excellency Mrs. Iliana Yotova, Vice-President of the Republic of Bulgaria;

Excellency Mr. Rumen Petrov, Ambassador Director of the MENA at the Bulgarian MFA;

Excellencies Ladies and Gentlemen;

Brothers and Sisters from Africa;

Friends of Africa in Bulgaria and around the world;

Honorable guests;

Dear public;

Today we celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the establishment of the Organization of African Unity on May 25, 1963. This date, considered World Africa Day, is, as all major landmarks, a moment of joy and pride that allows us to reflect on the future and devise ways to build together the Africa we want. An Africa, we all hope, full of promises and unleashed potentials.

60 years ago, Africa laid the foundations of its unity, by creating a common organization, the OAU, which became the African Union in 2002. 60 years after this founding act and guided by the nobles’ values of pan Africanism, Africa has initiated its drive towards political unity and great economic, social and cultural progress. However, the number of regional and global challenges to be met continues to grow and the great ideals and principles advocated by the Founding Fathers such as unity, fraternity, solidarity, cohesion and cooperation are more relevant than ever.

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Africa has considerable economic potential, coupled with a rich, young and dynamic human capital. The ingredients of a homogeneous, sustainable and unified development exist and it is up to us, African countries, to work individually and collectively for the emergence of a New Africa : A strong and daring Africa, which supports the defense of its interests and which has its own weighty influence in the Concert of Nations.

Africa is immensely rich in the diversity of its ancestral cultural heritage, which reflects a plurality of identities, all converging into a single identity: the African identity. Africa is advancing today, as it has in the past, on the path towards progress and prosperity. To do this aim, Africa is collectively and jointly tackling certain shortcomings, including regional integration, the theme chosen for the commemoration of 2023 Africa day, in line with the African Union’s annual theme, which is «The Acceleration of the African Continental Free Trade Area Implementation (AfCFTA), leading to the creation of an African common space of improved welfare and better quality of life for all African citizens». Africa is doing more to meet the challenges of the competitiveness through the development of its trade, infrastructures, transport, health and education systems and transform them into catalyzers for achieving sustainable and inclusive development. Africa, through the richness of its flora and fauna, its mines, its energy potential, its marine and river, harbors the necessary resources to fully meet the needs of its populations.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seriously impacted the global economy, including that of our continent. It has cast a doubt on our future and has hindered efforts to meet our development goals. Nevertheless, this pandemic has taught us how precious the values of solidarity, mutual aid and African fraternity are and how much effective and edifying cooperation is necessary.

Madam vice-President, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of all the African Ambassadors and the Heads of diplomatic missions accredited to Bulgaria and the Honorary Consuls of the African countries present with us today, I take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Bulgarian authorities for their valuable assistance in organizing this event. Our thanks also go to all those who have contributed directly, and indirectly to this celebration, in particular the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Municipality of Sofia.

I would not like to end my speech without expressing special and sincerest thanks to H. E. Mrs. Iliana Yotova, Vice-President of the Republic of Bulgaria, for having honored us with her friendly presence and contributing to the success of this 2023 edition of the commemoration of Africa Day in Bulgaria.

I thank all those who were kind enough to share with us this moment of celebration and African fraternity.

Long live the African Union, Long live the African-Bulgarian Friendship.


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